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“Huawei Technologies Armenia” LLC Seeds for the Future closing ceremony

“Huawei Technologies Armenia” LLC Seeds for the Future closing ceremony

YEREVAN, JUNE 3, ARMENPRESS. On June 1, 2022 the closing ceremony of “Future Seeds” program took place online due to the limitations of the Covid19 in the country.

The greeting and motivational speeches were held by RA Deputy Minister of Education and Science Mr. Arthur Martirosyan, Director of "Union of Operators of Armenia" NGO, ASUE "Information Technologies in Business" Program Manager, Lecturer, Kristine Gyonjyan, Arpinet Company Development Director, Lilit Bdoyan and Huawei Technologies Armenia company Director Mr. Chen Liang.

Mr. Martirosyan greeted the participants of the training:

"I think you will agree on the importance of digitalization, the profession of digitalization in the education system, or in various spheres of public life in general.

Digitalization tools are currently being actively introduced in the education system in Armenia, both to combat the epidemic and to ensure access to quality education in general.

At present, we have specialists in the field of digitalization, not only in education, but also in various spheres of public life in our country, which will contribute to the implementation of transparent participatory procedures.

I am hopeful that you will be in the base of specialists who will help our country to solve these crucial problems. ”

The congratulatory speech was continued by the director of the "Union of Operators of Armenia" NGO, Kristine Gyonjyan.

Dear participants of "Future Seeds" program. I congratulate you for being participants of such a wonderful initiative of Huawei. The digital world is evolving rapidly, requiring governments, companies, and employees to be "digital" ready to respond to new educational demands in line with educational institutions. Information and the field of telecommunication technologies is developing at a rapid speed, need to keep pace with modern technological trends, to ensure its competitiveness in the market, every company must respond appropriately to innovations of the current requirements of the field.

Thanks to Future Seeds program, you have become acquainted with, have mastered, modern technologies that are in great demand in the field of information technologies and telecommunications. The knowledge you gain gives you a unique opportunity to find a suitable job in the rapidly developing technological world. Today, 5G, Cloud technologies, modern network technologies, data centers are considered to be the most important areas of development for organizations. You have already had the opportunity to participate in the most up-to-date course. So, be purposeful, use the opportunities given to you, develop the knowledge gained during the course, invest your potential in the development of the state և ICT sector.

I am convinced that you are the specialists who will fill the digital gap with confident steps and become a demanded specialist in the field. I wish you success, congratulations on participating in the course, and successful completion. "

Next, Lilit Bdoyan, Development Director of Arpinet Company, addressed her congratulatory speech to the participants.

"Congratulations on your successful completion of the Huawei-led free training course.

Today in our country there is a need for specialists with fresh ideas and innovative solutions. This program allows you to manage your time correctly, effectively, to reach greater heights, because your achievements are the success of our country, the confidence in our future.

We are confident that with the knowledge you have gained, we will not only lay the foundation for professional growth, but will also serve as an example for future generations.”

The closing ceremony was summed up by the Director of Huawei Technologies Armenia, Mr. Chen Liang.

“As the general manager of Huawei Armenia, I am so glad that you took the opportunity that offered to you with the program "Seeds for the future". The program that enabled you to expand your knowledge and skills in the area of information – communication technologies. This is especially important today, in the hyper – connected world of global and dynamic economy, exposed to constant changes, challenges and opportunities.

I am convinced that the seeds that were planted, will bring rich harvest in the future, for you and for the Republic of Armenia and the relations with the People's Republic of China. And the future is guaranteed because every fruit is a seed that waits to be planted for the future.”



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