Armenpress News Agency was founded on December 18, 1918, through the law adopted by the first legislative body of the Republic of Armenia, the National Council.

Simon Vratsyan, a prominent political and state figure, journalist, publicist, has taken over the management of the first news agency of Armenia - Armenian Telegraph Agency.

Initially, the agency was under the authority of  Ministry of Internal Affairs. 

The first official telegraph tape from the Armenian operator was released on January 15, 1919. It included 22 short news items, which provided remarkable information about the everyday life of the republic and issues related to state construction.

Highlighting the birth and activity of the Armenian news agency, it was established by law that all state and public institutions of the country were obliged to provide information to the agency. Moreover, it was forbidden to provide the information to private individuals or institutions before reporting it to the agency. Additionally, it was prohibited to print the agency's telegrams in other publications within 48 hours after their publication in the subscriber newspapers.

Even the subscription fee of the Armenian Telegraph Agency’s telegrams had been set. For Yerevan periodicals: 300 rubles per month, for provincial newspapers: 200 rubles, and for private individuals, without the right of reproduction: 50 rubles. The first application for subscription was submitted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Throughout its history, the news agency, initially known as the Armenian Telegraph Agency, Haykavrosta, Armenta, and later renamed ARMENPRESS in 1972, has consistently supplied its news products to Armenian and international news agencies, newspapers, magazines, radio, and television companies.

From the beginning, the agency ensured its place and role in the media, public, and political life. A few decades later, it was decided to elevate the photographic work carried out alongside the agency's newsreel to a higher standard. In December 1959, the specialized photo service of the agency was established, with Volodya Amalyan as the founder and first director of the newly created editorial office. The photo service quickly became one of the main suppliers of photo news for both the Armenian and foreign press.

Continuing the tradition, "Armenpress" actively covers all events of importance for the Republic of Armenia, popularizes them, and presents them in leading international media outlets.


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For full or partial reproduction of any material in other media it is required to acquire written permission from Armenpress news agency.


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