About Us

ARMENPRESS is the sole state news agency of Armenia. Founded in 1918, the news agency has been the companion of the three republics of Armenia, documenting the most significant historical events. For over a century, ARMENPRESS has remained dedicated to its mission of providing reliable, accurate, and unbiased news coverage.

ARMENPRESS publishes more than 500 news articles daily in Armenian, Russian, English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Turkish, Persian, Chinese, and Georgian languages. Its office is centrally located in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. The agency not only has correspondents in various regions of Armenia but also in the United States, Russia, and Belgium.

Our values

The core activity of the ARMENPRESS news agency is delivering timely, verified, accurate, balanced, and impartial news. ARMENPRESS is guided by the motto "Media of the Future," with the vision of continually developing and applying innovative approaches to create media that meets the demands of the times.

Our history

“Armenpress” news agency was established on December 18, 1918 by the decision of the National Council of the first Armenian Republic. 

Throughout its history, the news agency, initially known as the Armenian Telegraph Agency, Haykavrosta, Armenta, and later renamed ARMENPRESS in 1972, has consistently supplied its news products to Armenian and international news agencies, newspapers, magazines, radio, and television companies.

Our employees

The most important news concerning Armenia, as well as international news is brought to the world through the dedicated efforts of over eighty employees  of the "Armenpress" news agency. Through the daily hard work and purposeful endeavors of our local news production, international news, translation departments in nine foreign languages, video and photography editorial offices, press room, special initiatives, foreign relations, cooperation with international partners departments, administrative staff,and service providers, the agency maintains its leading position and pivotal role among the country's mass media.

International cooperation

Armenpress has enjoyed a reputation as a reliable international partner for many decades. The news agency has signed bilateral partnership agreements with more than thirty news agencies for the exchange of news and media content. This cooperation spans almost all parts of the world, from America to Asia and from Europe to Africa. International cooperation also involves organizing mutual visits and training courses, continuously updating professional knowledge and keeping pace with modern media trends.

Media center

Since the beginning of the 2000s, the press center of the ARMENPRESS news agency has been actively operating, hosting around 200 events annually. The press conferences, teleconferences and presentations organized in the center cover a wide range of topics, including developments in the country's political, economic, social, health, technological, cultural and sports fields.
The press conferences are broadcast live.


Educational programs

ARMENPRESS emphasizes information literacy and media literacy. To cultivate media-literate citizens, the agency implements educational programs for senior classes in public schools.

To contribute to the knowledge production chain for the development and enhancement of the journalism profession and to strengthen ties between universities and employers, the agency has also established cooperative relationships with various higher education institutions in Armenia.

Through the Memorandum of Understanding signed between ARMENPRESS and Yerevan State University, the agency provides professional support to students of the YSU Journalism Faculty. ARMENPRESS collaborates with both YSU and other Armenian universities to conduct educational and professional practices for students and to train young personnel.

Media bank

The media bank of ARMENPRESS includes approximately 1 million units of media content. These are not only visual media products created by ARMENPRESS correspondents in Armenia and abroad, such as photos and videos and video content provided by partner news agencies, but also exclusive archival photos dating back to the middle of the 20th century.


Armenia, Yerevan, 0002, Martiros Saryan 22


For full or partial reproduction of any material in other media it is required to acquire written permission from Armenpress news agency.


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