Food safety agents confirm Salmonella as cause of Armavir mass food poisoning incident

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Food safety agents confirm Salmonella as cause of Armavir mass food poisoning incident

YEREVAN, MAY 18, ARMENPRESS. The investigation into the mass poisoning incident in Armenia’s Armavir province continues.

The suspected cause – food poisoning – has been confirmed through lab tests.

Salmonellosis has been discovered in all victims.

63 from the overall 88 victims of the food poisoning have already been treated and discharged.

The healthcare ministry says they confirm that the cause was food poisoning.

Earlier the state service for food safety has dispatched agents to Armavir province to probe the suspected food poisoning incident in the plant of Tierras de Armenia – a viticulture and winemaker known for its Karas wines.

Earlier doctors said they suspected the cause of the poisoning to be a lunchtime snack which all of the employees consumed in the cafeteria of the plant.

Agents have taken samples from the facility and sent them for laboratory analysis.

Food safety agents also ceased the operation of a businesswoman’s food supply business in relation to the incident as a precaution. The businesswoman, Alvina Melkonyan, supplied Tierras de Armenia with lunch-time food on the day when the incident happened.

A company who in turn is supplying Melkonyan is also under investigation.

All patients are in satisfactory states, doctors say.

The likely cause of the mass poisoning in Armavir province is thought to be lunch-time snacks containing chicken, cheese and potatoes which the victims have consumed in the cafeteria of the plant, a doctor of the Armavir medical center told ARMENPRESS. Earlier it was unclear if the poisoning was food-related.

The incident happened in the Arevadasht village of Armavir province, in Tierras de Armenia – a viticulture and winemaker known for its Karas wines.

Tierras de Armenia is owned by Argentine-Armenian businessman Eduardo Eurnekian.

The doctor said that some patients might already be discharged today.

Earlier it was reported that 80 people have been hospitalized in the province of Armavir, Armenia in what is believed to be a mass food poisoning.

All victims are employees of the viticulture –winemaking company of the village.

The healthcare ministry told ARMENPRESS that the victims are being treated in two local hospitals of the province.

The patients are in satisfactory state, the ministry said.

The employees sought medical attention earlier on May 17 with symptoms of food poisoning.

Shortly before midday May 18, the investigative committee said it has launched criminal proceedings into the incident.

The criminal case was launched on a suspected violation of sanitary and anti-epidemiological rules and regulations, according to Sona Truzyan, advisor to the president of the investigative committee.

An investigation is underway. No foul play has been indicated so far.

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