“Huawei Technologies Armenia” LLC held 2nd Season of Seeds for the Future program successfully

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“Huawei Technologies Armenia” LLC held 2nd Season of Seeds for the Future program successfully

YEREVAN, MAY 24, ARMENPRESS.In 2022 from May 23rd to May 30th, Huawei Armenia hosts its 2nd season of Seeds for the Future Program.

In collaboration with Yerevan State University and Yerevan National Polytechnics University in selection process, 20 outstanding students were selected. The speech for the opening ceremony on May 20th was held by the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of The Peoples Republic of China in Armenia Mr. Fan Yong, as well as Mr. Narek Teryan, the Deputy Minister of Economy of RA, Mrs. Eliz Gevorgyan, Head of European Union and International Organizations Division, Ministry of High-Tech Industry of RA and the General Manager of Huawei Technologies Armenia, Mr. Chen Liang.

Mr. Fan Yong greeted the students addressed his speech to them:

“I am very glad to be present at the online opening ceremony of the “Seeds for the Future” hosted by Huawei Armenia. China and Armenia are both ancient and civilized countries and the friendship between these countries lasts for already 2000 years and up to know. On April the 6th the both of our countries have celebrated the 30th anniversary of the of the diplomatic relationship.”

Mr. Fan mentioned that in spite of the Covid 19, during the past 2 years the trade volume has grown positively and he is very confident that with the joint efforts the both countries will continuously deepen the construction of one built one road collaborative and bring this potential onto more reality, into the brighter future.

“The world is changing rapidly and the digital development is very important for nowadays. President of Armenia, Mr. Khachatryan, while visiting the Chinses embassy to celebrate the 30th anniversary, mentioned that Armenia attaches great importance to the development of ICT industries and wants to learn from China and strengthen the cooperation with China and take the talents in advantages of Armenia in ICT industry”.

Mr. Fan noted that as the most advanced and powerful industry in China and the world, Huawei proposes the 2nd time the Seeds for the Future program in Armenia to help the young students with the advantages in high-tech industries for their future development.

“I want to thank Huawei for organizing this event as well as special thanks to the Ministry of Economy and Ministry High-Tech Industry for the support to the young students”, concluded by Mr. Fan Yong.

Mr. Narek Teryan welcomed the students and thanked Huawei Technologies Armenia for hosting the Seeds for the Future program for the 2nd season in 2022.

“I believe the program will bring a great opportunity for the talented Armenian students to strengthen their knowledge and skills in 5G, Clouds and IT fields. On one hand, this experience will emphasize the importance of friendly relations between Armenia and China and on the other hand it will support Armenian digital development as the program is a great platform for communication and information exchange with the cutting-edge technologies.”

Mr. Teryan wished good luck to all the students participating in the program and wished to see their outcoming in the coming future.

A welcome and motivation speech was held by the Head of European Union and International Organizations Division, Ministry of High-Tech Industry of RA, Ms. Eliz Gevorgyan.

She welcomed the participants of the program and thanked the organizers of the event for giving the Armenian students an opportunity to participate in such a useful training.

“This program has great potential to enhance participants' theoretical knowledge of high technology capability and improve their leadership skills. It is also a unique bridge for intercultural communication between Armenia and China.

It is very important to ensure the continuity of technological education of young people, given that education is the key to the development of innovative ideas and the implementation of revolutionary initiatives.”

In conclusion, Ms. Gevorgyan thanked once again and wished good luck to all the participants in the upcoming 8 days’ online training

The speech was held by the General Manager of Huawei Technologies Armenia, Mr. Chen Liang addressing word of gratitude to Mr. Fan Yong and Mr. Narek Teryan and Ms. Eliz Gevorgyan for motivating the students to the program.

“As the general manager of Huawei Armenia, I am so proud to launch the 2nd season of Seeds for the Future 2022 program in Armenia, appreciated the trust and support from Chinese Embassy and Armenian government. Through this training program to bridge the digital divide, promote knowledge transfer, and cultivate a strong future workforce for the digitalization of Armenia.

Talent is critical to the growth and development of any industry, especially in the fast-growing and evolving ICT industry. As an ICT leader, Huawei is committed to promote Armenia's ICT industry in order to promote long-term sustainable economic, social, and environmental development. We are proud of that we can promote learning across borders, enabling young people to participate in training activities regardless of geographical location.

Through the Seeds for the Future 2022 program, students will have the opportunity to leverage Huawei's rich cutting-edge technical capabilities and resources to gain an exclusive opportunity to improve their skills, thereby enhancing their future career prospects. They will also learn about Huawei's global business operations, cross-cultural work practices, and Chinese culture, upon completion of the online course, each student will receive an e-Certification.

As a leading global ICT company, Huawei has been providing qualified solution and service to Armenia since 2009. Huawei has actively undertaken social responsibilities and committed to cultivating more ICT talent for Armenia. The Seeds for the Future program is a useful attempt by Huawei to enhance the future development of bilateral relations and make more benefit to the people from both country. It also serves as a microcosm for Chinese companies in Armenia to fulfill the social responsibilities and promote cultural exchanges effectively.

2nd season of Seeds for the Future 2022 program in Armenia which is one of the best tribute to the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Republic of Armenia and the People's Republic of China, which aims to cultivate more ICT talent around the world and bridge the gap in digital talent. Let us continue the friendship, promote the cooperation, and jointly write a brighter future for the good relations between Armenia and China, and work together to build a community with a shared future for mankind.



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