Azeri media blackout unable to contain growing military casualties as KIAs reach 10,000

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Azeri media blackout unable to contain growing military casualties as KIAs reach 10,000

YEREVAN, OCTOBER 22, ARMENPRESS. According to unofficial sources up to 10,000 Azerbaijani troops have been killed and many more were wounded in action in the ongoing Azeri attack on Artsakh since September 27.

The Armenian Defense Ministry released a video on how the Azerbaijani citizens are trying to find any information about their casualties online, in conditions of a media blackout imposed by Baku.

“Although Azerbaijan has imposed a state-level restriction on information about their losses, the number of military casualties is so high that attempting to contain this information is becoming impossible. Various platforms are being opened online where Azerbaijani individuals are trying to find any information about the fatalities and publish them. Unofficial sources say that the Azerbaijani army could have up to 10,000 victims so far, while the number of wounded troops is far greater,” the Defense Ministry’s video said.

In one of these platforms, military pilots comprise a rather large number (several dozen) in the list of Azeri casualties, which confirms the Artsakh’s claims on shooting down a large number of Azeri warplanes and gunships.

“Photos of killed special operations force troopers comprises a huge number, which is also substantiated because during offensive operations the Azerbaijani army command is deploying these very units on the frontline with the simple reason that most probably it doesn’t trust the capabilities of the ordinary infantry. Commanders also comprise a great number in the lists, given the fact that as result of the Artsakh Defense Army’s countermeasures entire Azeri units were eliminated, and the presence of large number of commanders in the list of casualties was more than expected,” the defense ministry said.

According to the Defense Ministry, the existence of such platforms online once again shows the growing discontent among the Azerbaijani public regarding their military losses and Baku’s attempt to conceal it.

The photos of the Azeri servicemen who died includes photos of the very servicemen who were filming videos and sharing them online from territories which they were describing as “captured”.

The Armenian Defense Ministry again noted that the Azeri leadership is displaying total disregard for their own troops and isn’t attempting to retrieve the bodies of their killed soldiers from the battlefield – “which is the best method to conceal the great number of losses, as well as the presence of Turkish troops and Syrian terrorists among them.”

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