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Defense Army: Azerbaijani units having infiltrated into Kapanli- Shotlanli direction are eliminated

YEREVAN, APRIL 4, ARMENPRESS.  Azerbaijani subversive- reconnaissance detachment attempted to infiltrate through the Nagorno Karabakh Defense Army units in the northern part of the contact line at 02:30 overnight April 2 in the Tapkarakoyunlu-Mataghis direction and attack the Armenian military positions from the wings, but the infiltration of the adversary was stopped thank to the vigilant and confident actions of the Armenian combat alert units, inflicting heavy losses on the adversary.

“Armenpress” report the head of the Operative Department of the Defense Army Viktor Arostamyan mentioned during the press conference in Stepanakert that after the operation the enemy was forced out to its initial positions, leaving nearly 30 corpses in the battle field.

“Encountering stubborn resistance and sustaining heavy losses, the adversary started to intensively fire at the combat alert units, command positions and permanent garrisons at 03-04 o’clock, as well as  in the directions of Mekhakavan, Mount Ara, Nor Chartar, Martakert, and Mataghis settlements”, Arostamyan mentioned, stating that 1350 projectiles were fired only within one hour.

According to him, during the same night, starting from 4 o’clock, the frontline units of the adversary, covering under the fire of artillery in the directions of Kazakhlar-Nuzger, Gyulistan-Tonashen, Kapanli- Shotlanli, Shaylu-Mataghis, and Fizuli. The operations of the adversary were repelled in all the directions, with the exception of Kazakhlar-Nuzger direction, where it managed to occupy 5 positions.

The Azerbaijani units in Kapanli- Shotlanli directions were destroyed, the three positions occupied by them have been liberated. The adversary suffered losses of armored vehicles and manpower in that direction.

Viktor Arstamyan informed that the Defense Army units were gradually driven out of the permanent deployed areas and went on to defensive actions. At the same time, by conducting defensive battles the adversary used helicopters in the southern and northern directions, 2 of which were destroyed by the Defense Army. 1 in the Gyulistan direction and 1 in Karvendi direction. According to the Colonel, in the Tapkarakoyunlu-Mathaghis direction, not being satisfied by its unsuccessful actions, the adversary conducted another attacking attempt at 08:00 4km in the eastern direction.

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