Pomegranate, Armenian Trout, and Apricot featured as main ingredients of HerMine Dialog Show Dishes

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Pomegranate, Armenian Trout, and Apricot featured as main ingredients of HerMine Dialog Show Dishes

At the Moskovyan-Baghramyan crossroad in Yerevan, a vibrant gastro celebration filled the air with the delicate and appetizing aromas of various Armenian foods and wines. The HerMine Dialog, founded by actress and TV host Hermine Stepanyan, went from the pavilion and was presented in an outdoor show format. From early morning, Armenian food bloggers from both Armenia and abroad took over the kitchen of one of Yerevan restaurants to prepare a variety of dishes.

They crafted a set menu consisting of an appetizer, a salad, a main dish and a dessert using Armenian ingredients. During the HerMine Dialog Show, the bloggers added final touches and treated attendees to their creations, all paired with exquisite Armenian wines.

Karine Vardanyan from Russia, known as MushKara, prepared a bulgur appetizer. The "Cairo Foodie Couple," Shahan and Melisse Terzibashians from Egypt, crafted a salad featuring pomegranate, walnuts, and apricot. Shaghik Ter-Vardanyan from Armenia combined Armenian trout with Middle Eastern ingredients like za'atar and tahini. Sonya Avagyan, residing in Russia, provided the sweetest part of the event with strawberry and chocolate desserts enriched with dried fruits.

"My mission has always been to promote Armenian culture and local products. The kitchen knows no boundaries; it unites people of different nationalities, ages, and preferences, allowing us to share our country's story without the need for translation," said Hermine Stepanyan. "I'm delighted that we, along with the food bloggers, could offer our guests a true gastro celebration with delicious combinations based on Armenian foods."

The HerMine Dialog Show served as a platform for Armenian food bloggers with large international audiences to showcase the gastronomic delights of Armenia. Shahan and Melisse Terzibashians, who have been running the "Cairo Foodie Couple" blog for eight years, often feature Armenian cuisine. "When Hermine invited us to participate in this show, we accepted with great joy, as it was another opportunity to share Armenia's beautiful nature, architecture, people, and cuisine with our audience," the couple noted.

Guests of the HerMine Dialog Show enjoyed a heartfelt conversation with Hermine and her guests, gaining culinary insights into dish and drink pairings, and the secrets of creating a beautiful, harmonious dining environment.

The HerMine Dialog Show was part of the "Yerevan Gastronomic Shows" event. Over three days, master classes, gastronomic shows, and tastings of various dishes, wines, and other beverages took place, featuring renowned chefs, food bloggers, and wine pubs from Armenia and abroad. In addition to the HerMine Dialog Show, Hermine Stepanyan hosted other events, wearing clothes designed by Armenian fashion houses, further emphasizing the importance of supporting Armenian products.


Art, creativity and discoveries of the new have always had their own special place in Hermine's life. The trajectory left by Hermine on the paths leading to television, cinema, art and cooking contributed to the increase of recognition of Armenia and Armenian culture both in the homeland and beyond its borders. From the age of 10, she loved and was interested in the world of gastronomy, where she carried out her culinary experiments. They were later to be the inspiration for one of his most successful projects “HerMine Dialog”. In the early 2000s, having started her professional career in the field of television, among other projects, she authored and hosted cooking programs. She was the presenter and screenwriter of the cooking program "Mixer" of the "Dar 21" TV, and hosted the "National Flavors" program on the Public Television.

Hermine Stepanyan launched the "Life is Beautiful in Armenia" digital project, showcasing the hidden and charming corners of Armenia rural areas. To further promote Armenian products, she also implemented the "Wine is Beautiful in Armenia" project. Hermine Stepanyan's journey as a film actress is equally impressive. She starred in acclaimed films such as "Spitak," "Aniko," and "Zulali," earning prestigious international awards. Through her work in cinema, she has effectively brought the richness of Armenian culture to a global audience.


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