STARMUS VI speakers to deliver lectures for Armenian students

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STARMUS VI speakers to deliver lectures for Armenian students

YEREVAN, AUGUST 31, ARMENPRESS. The universities of Yerevan and the educational facilities of Armenia will host the speakers of STARMUS VI International Festival that will launch in Armenia on September 5.

The speakers will share their knowledge and experience by discovering the secrets of the Universe.

The speakers will deliver lectures in the following educational facilities of Armenia:

  • Yerevan State University
  • National Polytechnic University of Armenia
  • Armenian-Russian University
  • American University of Armenia
  • Armenian State University of Economics
  • Armenian National Agrarian University
  • Yerevan Haybusak University
  • National Academy of Sciences of Armenia
  • Alikhanian Yerevan Institute of Physics
  • UN Office in Armenia
  • Quantum College
  • Physics and Mathematics Specialized School
  • Anania Shirakatsy Lyceum
  • TUMO Center for Creative Technologies
  • Ayb School
  • Technological Center of Enterprise Incubator Foundation in Gyumri
  • COAF Smart Center in Lori province
  • LOFT in Vanadzor

The students of these educational institutions will have an opportunity to listen to the world-renowned scientists, astronauts and astrophysicists, like Jim Bagian, Garik Israelian, Kip Thorne, Charlie Duke, Nagin Cox, Joel Parker, David Eicher, Tony Fadell, Donna Strickland, Jean-Jacques Dordain and others.

The sixth Starmus, one of the world-scale science and art festivals, will take place on September 5-10 2022 in Yerevan, Armenia, to celebrate science communication with world-class scientists, engineers artists, and astronauts.

In the past, Starmus has hosted several Apollo astronauts (among them Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin), Alexei Leonov and Victor Gorbatko. World known scientists, 25 Nobel prize winners and space explorers have shared their science from the Starmus stage, among them Stephen Hawking, May-Britt Moser, Emmanuelle Charpentier, Elizabeth Blackburn, Donna Strickland, Jill Tarter, Kip Thorne, Robert Wilson, Michel Mayor, Eduard Moser, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Richard Dawkins, Brian Cox, Tony Fadell, and many other giants of science. Stephen Hawking and Alexei Leonov, together with the rock star and astrophiscist Brian May, worked to create the Stephen Hawking Medal for Science Communication, awarded to individuals and teams who have made significant contributions to science communication. Previous Stephen Hawking Medal winners include Elon Musk, Jean-Michel Jarre, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Hans Zimmer and The Particle Fever documentary.


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