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Ten percent of Syrian Armenians who took shelter in Armenia intends to stay here

YEREVAN, AUGUST 18, ARMENPRESS: In result of tensioned political situation in Syria 2000 Syrian Armenians found ther shelters  in Armenia. Armenpress was informed from the President of the committee on Syrian Armenians issues Firdus Zakaryan that 270-300 of them have decided to stay in Armenia forever and the rest intends to return to Syria when the situation becomes calm there.

Firdus Zakaryan explained that the main problem of Syrian Armenians is to find job in Armenia. Sometimes their profession does not correspond to suggested jobs; some of them are not ready mentally. “Many of Syrian Armenians mention that in Syria salaries were higher” he said.

Syrian Armenians are suggested works in spheres of service, fast food.

The issues of organizing the education of Syrian Armenians in Armenia are also under attention: Firdus Zakaryan informed that for them had started classes of Eastern Armenian language. “Together with educational department of Yerevan municipality registration of Syrian Armenian children has started and in case there is corresponding amount of children it is possible that in one of schools will be opened a separate class for them” he said.

Zakaryan also mentioned that the high educational rent is another problem and in that direction already have been implemented some steps and the results will be seen in future.

Ministry of Healthcare of Armenia is “concerned” with the health of Syrian Armenians beginning from the airport. First Deputy Minister of Healthcare Hayk Darbinyan told Armenpress that after each flight ambulance staff and psychologists are ready to help out of charge. A Syrian Armenian woman who is going to become mother in coming years has applied to the Ministry. Her birth will be organized properly.

According to Syrian centre of Human Rights Defense Organization the ongoing clashes have resulted in the death of over 19000 people. By the info of Arab mass media more than 12000 were peaceful civilians, while more than 5000 were security officers. Among the victims there were 7 Armenians, 2 of which were the Syrian Army militaries. Because of lasting disturbances in Syria a number of people are leaving the country, getting refugee status in other countries. Recently Syrian Armenian Community representatives are also quitting the state. The applications submitted from Syria by our compatriots are being envisaged by accelerated procedure, at least within ten days.


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