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Ministry of Defense encourages women’s military service in the army

YEREVAN, AUGUST 22, ARMENPRESS. The number of professional military women in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia increases year by year and they have serious achievements in the military field. The Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia welcomes the entry of military women into the Army and encourages each initiative made by them. “Many girls serve in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia. The latter are included in different types of service of the field. There are girls in military special forces unit, there are girl snipers. Year by year the number of girl cadets in military institutions of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia increases.”, Armenpress reports, Armenian MoD Seyran Ohanyan stated the aforementioned during his meeting with “Baze” youth gathering participants on August 21, adding that the Army needs the presence of women and their intellectual abilities.

The Minister also noted that it is too early to talk about the compulsory induction of women into the Army.

“The Armenian men view the matter from another viewpoint. The majority of them prefers women to stay at home, start families, be the foundation and preserver of the family, have many children, which will solve many demographical problems.”, said Seyran Ohanyan, adding that the Armenian women must have as many children as they can to help the Army. The gender according to Ohanyan is not important: if a son is born, he is the soldier of his nation, and if a daughter is born, she is the future mother of the soldiers.

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