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The project concept of the Academic City discussed at Government

The project concept of the Academic City discussed at Government

YEREVAN, JULY 13, ARMENPRESS. Chaired by Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan, a consultation was held in the Government, during which the project concept of the Academic City was discussed, ARMENPRESS was informed from the Office of the Prime Minister.

Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports Zhanna Andreasyan noted that the State Education Development Program has set important targets for the period until 2030, among which are having 4 universities in the top 500 universities of the world, at least doubling the number of foreign students through increasing the international reputation of the higer education system, etc. "In terms of content, this implies a reform within the framework of the process of enlargement of universities and unification with scientific research organizations," said the Minister, reminding that for this purpose, by the decision of the Prime Minister, a working group was formed last year, which performed relevant analytical works. As a result, 6 main directions were identified, which assume that universities and research organizations should be enlarged.

"These directions include: the Classical direction, the so-called classical university, which should mainly include fundamental sciences in social and humanitarian fields. At this stage, it is not planned to be included in the Academic City. The second is the medical field, which includes medical and life sciences fields. We assume that there is no need to relocate it to the Academic City at this time either.

The last 4 directions are the universities that are planned to be located in the Academic City. The technological, which mainly includes the fields of applied sciences and engineering, including materials science, modern equipment manufacturing, agro-technological field, construction technologies. The educational direction, which includes the fields of education and related sciences, Arts, which can include both arts and culture majors and the direction for officers, which includes the educational and research programs related to internal and external security systems," Zhanna Andreasyan noted.

According to the Minister, the concept of the Academic City was developed based on this content description. "In other words, the above-mentioned 4 enlarged universities should be located here, with relevant scientific and research orientation," she noted.

It is believed that the Academic City should meet the requirements to become an environment guaranteeing modern research, innovative activities, where university education will be inseparable from research. It is also planned to have opportunities for the commercialization of the knowledge gained there. "It should act as an intellectual and entertainment environment, and there should be adequate infrastructure. Here we should also have the necessary environment for innovative and experimental solutions, such as, for example, experimental programs in the agricultural sector," said Zhanna Andreasyan.

For the implementation and further operation of the Academic City project, the "Academic City" Foundation was formed, which will act as the main agent for the implementation of the project.

It is also planned to have a separate legal regulation for the Academic City, taking into account the international experience.

Next, the possible locations of the Academic City, the course of the design work carried out with the German GMP company, infrastructural and other issues were discussed.

Prime Minister Pashinyan emphasized the importance of the Academic City construction project and added that it has strategic importance. At the same time, the Prime Minister noted that the possibilities of further development and expansion of the city should be taken into account when carrying out the design works, the necessary infrastructure for the practical phase of training, green areas and other important issues should be planned.

Based on the results of today's discussion, the Prime Minister instructed to finalize the project concept and submit it for the Government's approval.




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