Dance is the condensation of national identity: dance representatives celebrated international Dance Day

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Dance is the condensation of national identity: dance representatives celebrated international Dance Day

YEREVAN, APRIL 30, ARMENPRESS. "Dancers' Day for Dancers" was the theme under which dance representatives celebrated International Dance Day on April 29, acknowledging each other's contributions and emphasizing the role of dance in fostering and preserving national identity. At the event held at the Yerevan Opera House, the State Orchestra of the National Orchestra of Armenia showcased Armenian and international dances, demonstrating their remarkable talent in infusing well-known foreign pieces with Armenian motifs. Renowned artists such as Arpi, Zaruhi Babayan, and Sevak Amroyan also performed alongside them, captivating the audience with their performances.

In the second part of the concert, students from the Yerevan State College of Dance enthralled the audience with the premiere of "Beethoven, Symphony No. 7" ballet, directed by Davit Galstyan.

Mayor of Yerevan, Tigran Avinyan, extended his congratulations to all attendees on this professional day, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and appreciating the dedication and contribution of dancers, ballet masters, and choreographers in the field of dance art.

"Dance is the embodiment of beauty, the most sincere human language that brings joy and delight, capable of expressing the subtlest emotions of joy, happiness, pain, and sadness. It condenses national identity, representing our collective face. Armenian dance, deeply rooted in our cultural heritage and connected to our national traditions, serves as a prominent expression of our identity," Avinyan emphasized.

He emphasized the Yerevan Municipality's commitment to supporting initiatives aimed at sector development, stating that they undertake programs intended to transform the environment in which people live.

The previous year, at the municipality's initiative, ballets by Aram Khachatryan were presented in an outdoor format at Tumanyan Park. This year, the ballet festival will kick off with the Yerevan tour of the English National Ballet.

Tigran Avinyan wished that the dance would last and continue to warm everyone's hearts.

The RA Minister of Education, Science, Culture, and Sports Zhanna Andreasyan underlined the significance of International Dance Day as an occasion to underscore the vital role of dance in our lives. "Dance offers an aesthetic lens through which to view the world, and it holds particular importance for children's education and development," she remarked. "This day provides another opportunity to recognize the tremendous efforts of dance artists, who tirelessly contribute to the art form every day, irrespective of circumstances," added the minister.

The Ministry of Education and Culture and the Municipality of Yerevan awarded a group of dance figures with medals and certificates for their important contribution and serious achievements in the field.

In the evening, the dance community also commemorated the anniversaries of notable figures in dance art this year. Vahram Aritsnakesyan's 125th anniversary, and Ilya Arbatov's130th anniversary. Sofi Devoyan's 75th birthday will be celebrated soon.

Gagik Karapetyan, the chief ballet master of the State Dance Ensemble of Armenia, observed the concert evening closely, noting that the art of dance often remains overlooked. He sees this event as an opportunity to address various challenges and directions within the realm of dance. "We speak about our challenges, aspirations, and what support the state and ourselves can provide. There are many issues that, once resolved, could greatly improve our situation. This is the one day when our work is acknowledged," he remarked. With 56 years of experience in professional dance, Karapetyan remains hopeful that with the support of the state and citizens, they can overcome these challenges. He envisions a future where the State Dance Ensemble and other dance groups achieve international recognition and stand among the world's best.

The evening commemorating the International Day of Dance was organized by the National Center of Folk Music and Dance, under the auspices of Yerevan Mayor Tigran Avinyan.



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