Rwandan children singing Armenian songs hope to visit Armenia one day - Morioxkids founders share exclusive details

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Rwandan children singing Armenian songs hope to visit Armenia one day - Morioxkids founders share exclusive details

YEREVAN, APRIL 10, ARMENPRESS. For several weeks now, the young dancers of the Morioxkids Foundation, founded in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, have been captivating Armenian social media platforms. The foundation's mission is to assist impoverished families by discovering the talents of children.

These children dance to Armenian songs, sometimes even singing the refrains. Their videos have gone viral, flooding the Internet with thousands of comments about "captured hearts".

"For now, dancing and singing are our primary activities. Our mission is to assist children from impoverished families in achieving a better life through their talents," the founders of the group, Kayitare Steven and Shema Blaise, said in an exclusive interview with "Armenpress".

They mention that the increased number of followers from different countries growing day by day, inspire them to strive for more, to spread love and joy to a great number of people each day. They express happiness in receiving feedback and praise, and they aspire to turn their hobby into a profession, raising funds for essential needs through music, acting, and sports.

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Kayitare Steven and Shema Blaise noted that the main goals of the foundation are to help children from impoverished families connect with the world. "Our primary focus is education. We aim for these children to attend good schools, supported by sponsors who will care for them. Dancing, singing, and other activities are not only enjoyable but also improve their lives. We hope that one day we will have our own school (Moriox School), which will support more talented children."

The foundation’s name carries a message. The founders have explained its meaning for the Armenian followers:

M (mighty) stands for strength, your inner power;

O (objective) signifies being objective, always impartial;

R (rich)- being rich in love;

I (intellect) represents your high capacity for knowledge;

O (openness) symbolizes openness, it is refreshing;

X, reflects the mysterious side of a person.

“Armenian songs are pleasant, very rhythmic, which makes us deepen our love towards them. And the warmth and love of the Armenians towards us made us feel that Armenia is our home. Armenian artists are always thrilled to see our dances to their songs. We cannot describe the love we have for Armenian music merely with words. We are grateful for the love we have received from Armenia, which gives us wings and the motivation to strive for improvement. We hope to have the opportunity to visit Armenia one day and meet its people," the founders conveyed the wishes of the children of the group.

One can follow Morioxkids on various social media platforms under the same name. It has 105,000 followers on Instagram, 132,000 on YouTube, 10,000 followers on Facebook, and 65,000 followers on TikTok.


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