Millions in North America witness a total solar eclipse

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Millions in North America witness a total solar eclipse

YEREVAN, APRIL 9, ARMENPRESS. Millions of people across North America witnessed a total eclipse on Monday stretching 4,000 km from Mexico to Canada. According to Reuters, a state of emergency was declared in some areas, amid huge traffic lines.

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When the moon was passing between Earth and the sun, in Arkansas people married en masse.

Delta Air Lines ran two special eclipse-viewing flights between Texas and Michigan.

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According to BBC, while neither Washington DC nor New York City were in the path of totality, both saw about 90% of the Sun covered by the Moon and plenty of people took to the streets - and skyscrapers - to catch a view.

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The events occur every one to three years somewhere around the globe, but are often only visible from Earth's poles or from the middle of the ocean.

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