European Parliament report calls for suspension of oil, gas imports from Azerbaijan in the event of military aggression

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European Parliament report calls for suspension of oil, gas imports from Azerbaijan in the event of military aggression

YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 29, ARMENPRESS. The European Union annual report on the common security and defense policy adopted by the European Parliament on February 28, highlights the need to apply purposeful and targeted sanctions against Azerbaijan in case of its aggression against Armenia.

According to the Armenpress Brussels correspondent, the report calls for readiness to apply targeted and individual sanctions against the perpetrators of aggression, without necessarily limiting these sanctions solely to the political and military circles associated with President Aliyev. Additionally, it suggests suspending the import of oil and natural gas from Azerbaijan in the event of any military aggression.

The MEPs with the adopted report, call on the EU to immediately apply sanctions against Azerbaijan and suspend the Memorandum of Understanding on Strategic Partnership in the energy sector. They also call into question Azerbaijan's eligibility to host the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP29) in 2024, while the country plans to increase its fossil fuel production by a third over the next decade.

According to the members of the European Parliament, the risks of a resumption of military operations in the South Caucasus are a cause for serious concern and underscore the need for more active engagement by the EU in the region.

The report calls on the EU's European External Action Service (EEAS) to assist Armenia and Azerbaijan in reaching a historic peace agreement. It also urges the two parties and the international community to remain vigilant and reject any attempts or provocations from outside aimed at preventing the two countries from achieving a stable peace agreement.

The European Parliament expresses concern that the prospects for normalization of relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan remain fragile. Therefore, the EU should assist and encourage both parties toward this goal, including by offering the prospect of closer integration with the EU if they decide to pursue it.

The report welcomes the establishment of the EU civilian monitoring mission in Armenia (EUMA), which aims to contribute to increased security in the region by reducing the number of incidents in Armenia's conflict-affected and border regions, thereby decreasing the level of risk to the population.

The adopted reports call not only to strengthen and extend the mandate of the EUMA, but also to deploy monitors along Armenia’s border with Türkiye.

The EEAS is called upon to be ready to provide the necessary technical assistance to Armenia through the European Peace Facility so that Armenia reviews its current military alliances, as this will strengthen the country's resilience in the context of ensuring security, independence and sovereignty.

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