Armenia's fastest home internet now live in Ijevan

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Armenia's fastest home internet now live in Ijevan

YEREVAN, NOVEMBER 20, ARMENPRESS.Ucom now offers the fastest home internet and the widest range of TV channels in the city of Ijevan, located in Armenia's Tavush region.

Ralph Yirikian, the Director General of the company, emphasizes Ucom's continuous efforts in enhancing and broadening the provision of quality communication services across different regions. This commitment stands as a fundamental belief and strategic focus for the company.

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Ijevan's residents now have access to Ucom's three most sought-after services - mobile services, home internet, and IP TV - available in a single package. Ucom has tailored a special package for the regions of Armenia, providing these services at an affordable price of only 8000 drams per month, the company said in a statement.

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This package offers home internet speeds of up to 150 Mbps, includes new-generation Wi-Fi 6 devices, provides access to over 210 TV channels, and offers 1000 minutes for calls to all local networks, US and Canada, along with 20 GB of mobile internet. Additionally, users can access Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, and 22 other popular mobile applications without consuming mobile data. This offer is valid only for residents of Ijevan. If the residents of Ijevan subscribe to theUnityregional package until January 31st, 2024, they will enjoy the services of the package for free for three months. Fixed Internet connection in both apartments and private houses shall be set in just 3 days.

"We've dedicated extensive preparation and care to this launch, ensuring that residents in our regions can access the fastest internet and the most TV channels in Armenia. This stands as a crucial aspect of Ucom's strategic plan,” - said the Director General of the companyRalph Yirikian.

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As part of its corporate social responsibility initiatives, Ucom, in collaboration with the Ijevan municipality, introduced the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology in the 'Fountain Park' of Ijevan. Ralph Yirikian, General Director of 'Ucom,' conducted a communication speed test with the Mayor of Ijevan, Artur Chagharyan.

"The introduction of this opportunity in Ijevan is truly exceptional, marking a pioneering initiative. We are thrilled to provide support to the residents of Ijevan. The expansion of internet access within our regions and communities will undoubtedly spur technological advancement. I am confident that our efforts in Ijevan will be well-received, fostering further adoption of Ucom services",- expressedRalph Yirikian, General Director of Ucom.

MayorArtur Chagharyanextended gratitude to Ucom, represented by Ralph Yirikian, for this thoughtful initiative. He highlighted, -"Both visitors and our city's residents will now frequent the area more often to stroll and utilize the complimentary Wi-Fi network introduced by Ucom. This marks a significant milestone for the development of our regional centre.

During his visit to Ijevan, the General Director of Ucom paid a visit to Yerem Ordinyan and his family, a resident of Ijevan, who became the first subscriber to the "Unity" package, granting him six months of complimentary usage.

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Yerem Ordinyan shared: 'There has always been a family need for reliable Wi-Fi internet and a wide range of TV channels. Opting for the Ucom package allows us to save costs while ensuring top-notch services and support. We now enjoy excellent internet coverage on both floors of our house. This means my little Vardan can indulge in more cartoons, while we can explore a variety of interesting films and programs".

You can familiarize yourself with all 'Unity' packages from Ucom by following the link.


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