Masha Mnjoyan wins the Grand Prix at "Slavyansky Bazaar 2023" international competition

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Masha Mnjoyan wins the Grand Prix at "Slavyansky Bazaar 2023" international competition

YEREVAN, 17 JULY, ARMENPRESS: The 32nd annual international competition of young performers "Slavyansky Bazaar 2023" took place in the city of Vitebsk of Belarus on July 14-16, and this year 15 countries participated in the contest. Armenia’s participant in this prominent competition was singer Masha Mnjoyan, who amazed everyone with her performance and stage presence during the two days of the competition.

ARMENPRESS reports, on the first day of the competition, Masha performed the song "Пообещай мне любовь" (Promise me love), composed by Yevgeny Krylatov, the lyrics written by Igor Voznesensky, and received 66 points from the jury. On the second day of the competition, she performed Aretha Franklin's "Respect" as an international hit and received 69 points.

As a result, Masha received 135 points during the competition, becoming the absolute winner of the prominent competition and receiving the Grand Prix award. For the first time, Armenia won in the "Slavyansky Bazaar" young performers competition.

In the "Slavyansky Bazaar 2023" competition, the representative of Belarus won the 1st prize, the representatives of Russia and Uzbekistan shared the 2nd prize, and the 3rd prize was awarded to the representatives of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

Anahit Galstyan, 10-year-old representative of Armenia, became one of the favorites on the two days of the competition and won the 2nd place with 133 points in the "Slavyanski Bazaar 2023" children's song competition held on July 12-14.



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