Truck purportedly carrying Crimea Bridge explosives cleared Armenian customs legally, no risk factors were detected

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Truck purportedly carrying Crimea Bridge explosives cleared Armenian customs legally, no risk factors were detected

YEREVAN, OCTOBER 12, ARMENPRESS. The Armenian customs control says the customs clearance procedure of the cargo truck which Russian authorities say carried the explosives that hit the Crimea Bridge was done duly and legally and no risk factors were detected.

The customs control, x-ray examination, customs clearance, paperwork, exports processes were conducted duly and legally.

The State Revenue Service said in a statement that all documents confirming the facts are preserved, including the x-ray images and video surveillance materials.

At the time of entry and exit to and from Armenia, x-ray examination inspection of the truck did not show any risk factors.

No irregularities were found during inspection of the layering of one of the plastic film packages (as required by regulations). The cargo had the required paperwork noting that it is not adual-useproduct. The cargo was sent from the Georgian Port of Poti by the Bulgarian company«BALTEX CAPITAL S.A.».

The driver is identified as Artur Terjanyan, a dual citizen of Armenia and Georgia.

The cargo had the transit declaration to Russia 05100010/300922/0017152.

The product was transported to Russia by the same Georgian truck, the driver was the same person.

While in Armenian territory, the vehicle was under constant video surveillance monitoring. It did not unload or load any additional products.

Russia has identified 12 individuals as suspected accomplices in the Crimea Bridge bombing plot and has arrested eight of them, the Russian FSB said. The list of people in custody includes five Russians and three foreigners, who have citizenship of Ukraine and Armenia, RT reported.

The FSB claimed that the deadly cargo came from the Ukrainian city of Odessa. The explosives were disguised as rolls with plastic construction film, which were shipped on pallets and weighed 22,770 kg, the statement said.

Russian investigators said the shipment left Odessa in August and went through Ruse, Bulgaria, to Poti in Georgia. It was then moved to Armenia, which has a free trade agreement relaxed customs regime with Russia. It was then imported into Russia via Georgia on October 4, according to the timeline.The FSB said the attack was organised by Ukrainian military intelligence and its director, Kyrylo Budanov.


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