Sarkissian calls for honest and fair governance

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Sarkissian calls for honest and fair governance

YEREVAN, AUGUST 2, ARMENPRESS. President Armen Sarkissian prioritized finding solutions to the multilayered and deep crisis and attached importance to ruling out division. In his remarks to the new parliament, the president emphasized that the new legislative body has the opportunity to develop and implement future-oriented, real, strategic programs.

“Citizens of the Republic of Armenia expect that solutions to the existing problems will be found and that you will display will to guide Armenia towards development and future,” Sarkissian told the new Members of Parliament. “That future must be shaped around a vision of a strong, balanced and progressive state. The future isn’t the interest of any of us individually or of any political party, all of us are the future as one entirety, united by a common historical memory, as well as our debt before our children and our ancestors who for many centuries fought to have their own independent state. We are obliged to deeply realize and value the fact of existence of our statehood.”

Sarkissian said that everything must be done to defend and protect the Armenian statehood. He said the essence of effective governance is being honest and responsible.

“Only honest and fair governance can change the situation and overcome despair, instill optimism, restore and strengthen the connection between the citizen and the state.”

“Attempts to present the desirable as reality, demagogy and populism are a path to a dead-end,” the president said, emphasizing that the guarantee for security is unity.

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