A policeman killed, two wounded in Yerevan: Armenian NSS

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A policeman killed, two wounded in Yerevan: Armenian NSS

YEREVAN, JULY 17, ARMENPRESS: The National Security Services of Armenia continues to provide information on the situation with the armed group unfolding in Yerevan on July 17. “Armenpress” reports the statement of the NSS. “A group of armed people have taken as hostages a small group of policemen and in order to release them they demand the release of Jirayr Sefilyan who was imprisoned with the charges of illegally obtaining, keeping, transporting weaponry. A policeman has been killed, two have been wounded. In order to stop and disrupt the criminal actions of the armed group that illegally holds the area, the Special Forces have released two hostages. Armenian law enforcement bodies fully control the situation and have undertaken all necessary means to resolve the issue. Meanwhile, the National Security Service calls on the mass media to use the information from official sources, as in case of the contrary that would assist the illegal actions and would pose threat for people’s life and health.”

Photo: RFE/RL, Azatutyun


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