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Young writer Grig’s literature originates from anxiety

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Young writer Grig’s literature originates from anxiety

YEREVAN, DECEMBER 17, ARMENPRESS. Young writer Grig confesses that his literature originates from anxiety. The author states that he does not know the reason of that, but he has never been able to create what he calls “literature originating from pleasure”. Grig’s “Jesus Cat”, which is a collection of short stories, has lately appeared in Armenian bookstores and is included in “Yerevan Bestseller” project of “Armenpress” news agency almost every week. “Armenpress” introduces young writer Grig.

Never had a last name…

I was born in Yerevan in 1991, in a family of an artist. My parents are from Javakhk. I study at graduate- studentship of the Yerevan State University, Faculty of Armenian Philology.

I do not say my last name; I am Grig. It is not that I don’t like my last name; I have always been called Grig. And I can say that I have never had a last name, even at school everybody called me Grig. I am Grig also at the university.

Nothing happens coincidentally

I don’t believe in coincidences. The thing that I appeared in the Faculty of Armenian Philology and generally all that happens to me are certain signs. I did not want to be a philologist. Children always have clear ideas: to become doctor, or to choose another profession. It was a coincidence. I could have chosen another profession. But I like reading books.

To be a writer or not be

I did not have the task to become a writer, neither had I a wish. The only task was to register some things. Even my first works had one objective to keep the people, who I was afraid of erasing from my memory, in the boundaries of paper. If we speak about the book “Jesus cat”, the latter is about the people 90% of who is not in this world any longer. It happens that we do not manage to take photos with people dear to us, but would really like to have memories of them. I did not manage to take photos with those people. The only way to keep them was to write about them.

Grig also added that the first part of “Jesus Cat” is about Yerevan, especially homeless people living in Yerevan. The writer is rather concerned with the matter and states with great pain that there are many homeless people in Yerevan.

For Grig, literature and art are born from incompleteness. In his case, however, literature originates from anxiety. He can’t explain it, but he feels anxiety, and has never been able to create works which originate from pleasure. He added that he writes first of all to understand himself but has had no answers yet.


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