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Turkish-Armenian singer Sibil gears up for major Istanbul concert, announces upcoming rock-genre single

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Turkish-Armenian singer Sibil gears up for major Istanbul concert, announces upcoming rock-genre single

YEREVAN, JANUARY 6, ARMENPRESS. Istanbul-born Turkish-Armenian singer Sibil is again visiting Armenia.

In an ARMENPRESS exclusive, Sibil said she is working on a new single here in her homeland. Sibil did not reveal details from the single other than it is a rock-genre quartet performance.

Back in September of 2022, Sibil was again in Armenia for the premiere of her latest song and music video Song Is My Wings, an Armenian-language song in a quite different genre compared to Sibil’s other works.

“When people heard this song they told me I have to sing in that genre more often. I and my fans loved the song very much. Hasmik Hakhverdyan wrote the lyrics for me. I loved singing it. We filmed the music video in Gyumri, Garni and Geghard. Mount Ararat is also seen in it. I really wanted it [Mount Ararat] to be seen in the music video but the view at that season wasn’t too good, by the director was able to find the right moment and capture it on camera,” Sibil told ARMENPRESS.

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Sibil’s Lusi Hadig, a song with Ayşenur Kolivar, was among the top hits in the music charts in Turkey in 2022. Sibil says Lusi Hadig is the first song where Western Armenian and Homshetsma (Hamshen Armenian) are sang together.

“We decided to sing a duet and come up with something new. There are Western Armenian songs, and there are Hamshen Armenian songs, but there was no song where these two languages would meet. We wanted to show with this song how similar these two languages are,” Sibil said.

Born and raised in Istanbul, Sibil is very much attached to her ancestral homeland Armenia. She sings about Armenia, the past and the present.

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“It all comes from family. My family spoke Armenian at home, we always had Marmara and Zhamanak newspapers at home. My father was telling me I have to read it. As a kid, you ask yourself why so much pressure, but now I am grateful to them that I can speak and read in Armenian. Family must instill that love and awareness,” Sibil said.

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Sibil will perform at a major concert on January 18, 2023 in Istanbul. “There’ll be 45 of us on stage, together with a symphonic orchestra and a choir. There’ll be guest performers from Armenia. Singers Andre Simonyan and Aysenur Kolivar and others will perform on one stage,” Sibil said, adding that the concert will include premieres of new songs.

Interview by Angela Hambardzumyan

Photos by Mkhitar Khachatryan


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