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Regular screening the best fight against development of breast cancer

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Regular screening the best fight against development of breast cancer

YEREVAN, AUGUST 22, ARMENPRESS. Breast cancer continues to claim many lives all over the world. The biggest problem is that women often visit a doctor when the disease is already at the final stage. In order to prevent the disease, every woman should regularly be examined.

In an interview to ARMENPRESS, oncologist-surgeon Artur Avetisyan, the deputy director of the National Center of Oncology named after Fanarjyan, said that the breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in women and could lead to very serious consequences because of not detecting it on time.

“Unfortunately, many people in Armenia see the breast cancer at the stage when it becomes visible or palpable. Even if it is very small, we could already assume that it could have been detected earlier thanks to the regular screenings”, he said.

Talking about the causes of the breast cancer, Artur Avetisyan said that they are many and the meeting of these various causes in one place could cause the disease. Among the causes he mentions a hereditary factor, obesity, passive lifestyle and abuse of different types of hormone substitutes or drugs containing female hormones, etc.

“The breast cancer is spread globally, but in developed countries thenumber of deaths associated with this diseaseis declining. This is thanks to early detection and quality treatment”, he added.

The oncologist-surgeon notes that in order to avoid the disease, it is necessary to follow the weight, run a healthy lifestyle, avoid using hormone substitutes for a long time and regularly undergo medical examination.

As for the screening programs, the doctor said that it aims at examining everyone in a concrete age or risky group which will allow to detect early the disease and fully prevent its further complications.

Interview by Gayane Gaboyan

Photos by Hayk Manukyan


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