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100 Ideas for Armenia: Pharmacist develops rapid drug recall mechanism

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100 Ideas for Armenia: Pharmacist develops rapid drug recall mechanism

YEREVAN, APRIL 11, ARMENPRESS. An Armenian pharmacist is developing an electronic system and modernized recall mechanism for supervision in the pharmaceutical market.

Pharmacist Mher Minasyan is a participant of the 100 Ideas for Armenia project.

In an interview to ARMENPRESS, Minasyan said he’s been working on the mechanism ever since he began his career as a pharmacist.

“Suppose we have a company and for some reason its drugs in circulation are deemed defective quality-wise, and in this case the manufacturer must withdraw the drugs from the market and this requires time. This process is risky because it is possible that the drugs in question could be hazardous and any delay could lead to harmful consequences,” he said.

Minasyan says his proposed mechanism would regulate the entire process. The lengthy paperwork process would be carried out within the framework of the system in an accelerated manner.

“If it took 10 people to carry out this documentation process, the system will automatically understand this all and swiftly execute it,” Minasyan said.

All preliminary studies and planning are already carried out, and now Minasyan is working on the software.

The 100 Ideas for Armenia competition is a youth project organized by the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport for encouraging young people to be interested in science and propose innovations. The competition has more than 20 categories and includes various sectors.

Reporting by Gayane Gaboyan


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