Artsvik Minasyan: Constitutional reforms are important for each citizen of Armenia

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Artsvik Minasyan: Constitutional reforms are important for each citizen of Armenia

YEREVAN, DECEMBER 1, ARMENPRESS. Constitutional reforms initiated by the authorities are important for each Armenian citizen. Member of the National Assembly "Armenian Revolutionary Federation" /ARF/ faction Artsvik Minasyan said the aforementioned during the meeting with the residents of Nor Hachn town, Kotayk region in the framework of “Yes and No” TV project. “I am a member of Dashnaktsutyun (ARF) party and we, still back in 1990s, supported the idea of parliamentary system of government because we believe that Armenia can move forward only when the citizens of the Republic of Armenia gather together and take common decisions, but not to give that task to one person and later demand everything from him. As a result, the one person starts to protect the interests of his surrounding people and will use the people and voters only for his reproduction. This will not take place in a parliamentary system as in that case the parties will have to introduce their programs, must have a team that will gain your trust. And the Government will be formed as a result of the struggle between those teams which will later be accountable for its steps”, “Armenpress” reports, the deputy clarified.

Artsvik Minasyan stated that, in this context, transfer into a parliamentary system has always been a priority issue. He also reconfirmed that the Constitutional reforms are not meant for the reproduction of the authorities which is often mentioned by the opponents of the reforms.

The MP also told that after the reforms new law on parties will be adopted, which aims to strengthen the institution of political parties. He also stated that for the first time the family will be under state protection, which means that the state will struggle against gay families, which foreign powers try to import into Armenia.


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