"Gardman-Shirvan-Nakhijevan" welcomes statement from Lemkin Genocide Prevention Institute

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"Gardman-Shirvan-Nakhijevan" welcomes statement from Lemkin Genocide Prevention Institute

YEREVAN, APRIL 18, ARMENPRESS.The Gardman-Shirvan-Nakhijevan Pan-Armenian Union has welcomed the statement of the Lemkin Institute for Genocide Prevention, considering it a vigilant assessment of the situation surrounding Armenia by the most important center for the study of the crime of genocide.

The statement issued by the Union reads as follows:

The Lemkin Institute for Genocide Prevention has issued a statement, sounding an alarm, taking into account the escalating rhetoric and demands of Azerbaijan and the latest attacks on the sovereign territory of Armenia.

The statement mentions that, as assumed from many previous publications, the threat of genocide has spread to the sovereign territory of the Republic of Armenia itself. The institute emphasized that Azerbaijan, pursuing a strategy of gradual occupation of Armenian sovereign territory, aims to fully control the Armenian state and unite Azerbaijan with Turkey. Azerbaijan implements its territorial demands through the threat of military aggression and employs anti-Armenian rhetoric.

The institute emphasizes that the threat to Armenia has become urgent, demanding the immediate and systematic attention of the international community. Urgent actions are imperative to prevent another case of territorial occupation and genocide, similar to what occurred six months ago in Nagorno-Karabakh.

The Gardman-Shirvan-Nakhijevan Pan-Armenian Union also emphasizes the need for urgent response from international responsible centers.''

According to the Union, this response should be based on a theoretical unbiased analysis of Azerbaijani threats, such as today's assessments by the Lemkin Institute for Genocide Prevention.


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