Philip Kotler's ‘Essentials of Modern Marketing’ to showcase success stories of Armenian companies

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Philip Kotler's ‘Essentials of Modern Marketing’ to showcase success stories of Armenian companies

YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 19, ARMENPRESS. "The Essentials of Modern Marketing: Armenia Edition" book will provide a unique platform to showcase the success stories of Armenian companies on a global scale and spotlight their innovative ideas to a worldwide audience.

Published by Kotler Impact, a company established by Philip Kotler, this textbook will feature the success stories of Armenian companies and will be available for sale both locally and worldwide. This presents an excellent opportunity to venture into the international market.

Philip Kotler, an American marketing specialist, marketing professor, consultant and the author of more than 80 marketing books, is one of the most influential figures in the field of marketing. In today's dynamically evolving marketing domain, where businesses are actively seeking innovative and strategic direction, Professor Philip Kotler's "Essentials of Modern Marketing" is an innovative masterpiece that demonstrates the transformative power of marketing in an ever-evolving world. Philip Kotler's book showcasing the success of Armenian companies will soon captivate audiences worldwide in English.

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In this interview, we explore why the 'Essentials of Modern Marketing: Armenian Edition' is an important project for the country and Armenian businesses. Emma Arakelyan, the chair of the advisory board for this edition, will share her insights."

Emma is a distinguished management consulting executive, angel investor, author, speaker, entrepreneur, philanthropist, coach, and professor, with over 20 years of leadership experience. She has played key roles in business strategy, IT Architecture & Transformation, M&A, governance, and compliance at prestigious firms such as EY (Ernst & Young) and Accenture. Emma's expertise extends to business transformation and technology solutions implementation for Fortune 500 companies. Moreover, she serves on the boards of multiple startups, cultural organizations, and educational programs.

How does the Armenian edition of "The Essentials of Modern Marketing" aim to showcase the success stories of Armenian companies on a global scale?

- Essentials of modern marketing is the latest project of Dr. Philip Kotler and Kotler Impact, a global initiative with a presence in more than 50 countries around the world (including editions in Canada, Italy, Poland, Brazil, India, Pakistan, Jordan, the Netherlands, Denmark, Latin America, Egypt, Turkey, Bangladesh, and Portugal/Spain).

As the first marketing publication based on local success stories and sold worldwide, this exclusive opportunity aims to share the innovative ideas of Armenian companies with the global audience. Because the book is grounded in simplified explanations and real examples, it will be accessible to both students and professionals.

Professor Kotler, recognized as the father of modern marketing, is renowned for his influential works widely studied in top business schools worldwide for decades.

What role does Philip Kotler's "Essentials of Modern Marketing" play in today's marketing landscape?

The book will serve as a fundamental resource for students studying marketing and business. The importance of the book lies in the fact that it will be a marketing guide backed by proven facts, enabling readers to understand the dynamic and evolving nature of the business landscape.

The book provides Armenian companies with a unique opportunity for international exposure, with over 10,000 copies distributed worldwide. By showcasing success stories, it enhances their presence and reputation, aligning them with global leaders. This enduring showcase ensures lasting recognition, unlike fleeting press articles. Additionally, serving as an educational resource, it benefits Armenian students.

In what ways will the emphasis on showcasing Armenian companies' achievements and serving as an educational resource in the book foster innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic growth within Armenia?

Highlighting Armenian companies' achievements, the book promotes the country's business sector, attracting both domestic and international interest and potentially boosting foreign investment. By showcasing successful marketing practices, it fosters innovation and entrepreneurship, contributing to economic growth. Furthermore, its educational content helps develop a skilled marketing workforce.

Well-trained professionals are essential for sustainable business growth and bolstering the country's overall human capital. The success stories and effective marketing practices presented in the book contribute to the formation of a positive national brand image. This positive image can extend beyond the business sphere, affecting the perception of Armenia as a country with innovative and competitive enterprises.

In summary, the book indirectly contributes to Armenia's economic development, enhances the international reputation, and competitiveness of companies. By showcasing successful marketing practices, promoting innovation, and developing business capabilities, the book plays a crucial role in positioning Armenia as a player in the global market․ I should add that the process of recruiting companies to be published in the book is still ongoing, and interested companies can fill out the registration application on the website. Only the logos of the first 10-15 companies will appear on the cover.


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