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Philip Kotler's "Essentials of Modern Marketing" based on the success stories of Armenian companies will be published

Philip Kotler's "Essentials of Modern Marketing" based on the success stories of Armenian 
companies will be published

In today's dynamic marketing landscape, where businesses actively seek out innovation and strategic direction, Dr. Philip Kotler's Essentials of Modern Marketing (EOMM) is an innovative masterpiece that showcases the transformative power of marketing in an ever-evolving world. Philip Kotler is one of the most influential figures in the field of marketing. His works, including "Marketing Management", are used by all prestigious universities and business schools worldwide as the main textbook and defining tool of the marketing discipline.

As an innovative thinker, he has popularized essential concepts such as the four Ps in marketing. His knowledge and extensive research have had a profound impact on the marketing world, and his contributions continue to shape marketing practice globally. As a sought-after consultant to major corporations, Dr. Kotler's experience and insights have left an indelible mark on the industry and strengthened his reputation. Speaking of Kotler, one cannot help but highlight one of his most memorable quotes: "Marketing is not just selling a product or service- it's about finding and creating the future with modern marketing tools." 

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Tata Cholaria, the Official and Exclusive Representative of Kotler Impact in CIS Countries, in partnership with "Greenlight Marketing Agency" & "Infinite Consulting", is to publish the first collection of Kotler's modern marketing basics, which will be based on the success stories of Armenian companies. Kotler Impact is the brainchild of Dr. Philip Kotler, the founder of Modern Marketing, who strives for a sustainable global environment and economic development through education, training, and holistic approaches. The textbook, titled "Essentials of Modern Marketing: Armenian Edition", is a unique collection of case studies that show how Armenian companies achieved success.

The manual is a valuable resource for Armenian businesses, providing information on companies' success formulas, and it is significant that this book provides local examples too, detailing specific cases how companies overcame challenges or improved key areas of interest. In addition to benefiting Armenian businesses, EOMM also has the potential to enhance the country's role as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, and help the country attract foreign investment. Which companies' case studies will the reader find in Kotler's guide, and what benefits can the first Armenian edition of EOMM bring to local companies? Armenpress, which is the exclusive media partner of the book reached out to Meri Grigoryan, Founder of "Greenlight Marketing Agency", with these and other questions. 

- What role does Greenlight Marketing Agency play in this historic project?

- The country-specific case edition of EOMM is Kotler Impact's latest initiative, having gained global recognition and support from top business leaders and policy-makers just months after its launch. EOMM has already been published in Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Bangladesh, Pakistan. By the end of 2023, ten leading countries, including those in America and Germany, will be added to this list. And in 2025, we will have 50 exclusive editions of EOMM. To give you a clearer idea of the dynamics of the process and the involvement of the world's leading brands in the project, I will name some of the many companies whose cases have already been included in the guide: Danone, Oracle, Lamborghini, Google, Porsche, Heineken, Ferrari and Accenture.

I believe that the first Armenian edition of EOMM is a historical project not only for Greenlight Marketing Agency and Infinite Consulting, but also for Armenian businesses and, in general, for our country. It is important to highlight the role of Tata Cholaria, as the Official and Exclusive Representative of Kotler Impact in CIS Countries, in the creation and implementation of the project.

- What benefits can the first Armenian edition of EOMM bring to local companies?

- Thanks to this publication, the whole world will soon discover examples of success and innovative approaches from Armenian companies. And when I say "the world," it's no exaggeration. An English version of the book will be published which will be authored by Dr. Kotler himself, along with other leading specialists. Thousands of copies of the book will be sold in more than 100 countries through Kotler's channels. Armenian companies will have exclusive access to Kotler Impact's full network, not to mention the opportunity to speak at the World Marketing Summit, which has more than 48 million viewers.

By the way this year the World Marketing Summit will take place on November 06-07. Kotler Impact, AWE Consulting in partnership with Greenlight Marketing Agency, Infinite Consulting and with the joint efforts of the RA Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports, will grant all the Armenian students with tickets.

- On what principle are the companies selected?

- Interested companies can fill out a simple registration form on our website (https://www.greenlightmarketing.am/blog) and wait for our representative's response. Only the logos of the first 10-15 companies will appear on the cover. And, with the early bird principle, places are sure to fill up quickly.



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