Samsung Introduces New OLED TV Lineup Confirming Its Status as Global TV Market Leader

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Samsung Introduces New OLED TV Lineup Confirming Its Status as Global TV Market Leader

YEREVAN, SEPTEMBER 11, ARMENPRESS. Samsung Electronics tops global TV market and continues to reinforce its leadership position. With a ingenuity legacy of 17 years rooted in technological excellence and industry expertise, Samsung has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation.[1]

In 2023, Samsung remains committed to delivering groundbreaking viewing solutions, launching a line of OLED TVs that excel in remarkable picture quality, immersive surround sound, and AI technologies – all wrapped in a sleek and minimalist design.

At the core of Samsung OLED TVs lies the revolutionary QD display, an enhanced version of OLED. By leveraging quantum dot technology, the self-illuminating pixels achieve the deep black, pure white, and an astonishing range of rich, vibrant colors.


The picture quality showcased in the new OLED models highlights Samsung’s pioneering advancements in color reproduction. Powered by an AI-driven Quantum 4K processor equipped with 20 neural networks, content is meticulously analyzed and optimized on a frame-by-frame basis, resulting in a remarkable 4K image quality. The level of clarity, intricate details, striking contrast, immersive depth, and enhanced volume of scenes, along with precise borders, collectively contribute to an exceptionally realistic picture.

QD-OLED display, a Samsung technology innovation, offers a combination of maximum brightness and low response time. This innovative QD display accurately presents an extensive color palette, featuring up to 2030 colors and 110 skin tones certified by Pantone Validated[2] and Pantone SkinTone Validated[3]. As a result, viewers can enjoy a visual experience that is brimming with richness and vividness.

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Dolby Atmos, which utilizes multi-channel speakers positioned around the perimeter of the screen to create enveloping surround sound, delivers a captivating auditory experience. Furthermore, Samsung’s upcoming 2023 TV lineup now features upper speakers, enabling users to indulge in multi-layered surround sound and be fully delved into the on-screen action.

QN77S95CAFXZA_005_Speaker-Detail_Titan-Black.png (3.90 MB)


For avid game enthusiasts, Samsung OLED TVs deliver an exceptional gaming experience. With four HDMI 2.1 ports catering to two consoles, a soundbar, and a PC or SSD, the gameplay is truly extensive. The 144 Hz refresh rate ensures a consistently clear and smooth image, while features like FreeSync Premium Pro and Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro work together to eliminate tearing and stuttering, providing a gaming experience that is as immersive as possible.

QN83S90CAFXZA_006_Front2_Titan Black.png (4.79 MB)


Beyond technological prowess, Samsung OLEDs embody the Infinity One and LaserSlim sleek and minimalist design with a seamless integration into any interior. The TVs’ ultra-thin body, bezel-less screen, and metal stand contribute to a premium aesthetic and a visually pleasing presence.

QN77S95CAFXZA_008_R-Perspective2_Titan-Black.png (4.70 MB)


The OLED S95C and S90C come equipped with an IoT Hub, serving as a smart home control center. This feature allows users to seamlessly connect Samsung and third-party smart devices directly to the TV and control them effortlessly using the SmartThings app.


Samsung’s commitment to accessibility is clearly reflected in the OLED TVs that provide various options for individuals with visual or hearing impairment. The SeeColors mode adjusts color settings to accommodate different degrees and types of color vision impairment (CVI)[4], enhancing overall image perception. The Smart TV Voice Guide assists visually impaired individuals in navigating the TV’s menu and main features, and utilizing various smart services. Color correction options fine-tune contrast hues, while customizable subtitles cater to the hearing impaired. Users have the flexibility to adjust the position, color, size, and even transparency of the subtitles to optimize their viewing experience.

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Samsung’s new TV models increasingly incorporate more eco-friendly features. Packaging is crafted using recyclable materials with no color printing, utilizing paper tape instead of metal staples to significantly minimize the impact on the environment.

Samsung Electronics stands as the indisputable leader in TV making, driven by its cutting-edge technological innovations that deliver unparalleled picture and sound quality. With a premium design, extensive connectivity options to cater to diverse needs, and a firm commitment to sustainability, Samsung Electronics continues to lead the way in TV production.

In Armenia, Samsung’s OLED lineup is represented by the S95С models, available in 55", 65", and 77" sizes, as well as the S90C models, available in the 55" and 65" options.

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[1] Source: Omdia.

[2] The Pantone Validated certification ensures that the Pantone colors displayed on the screen are accurate and indistinguishable from Pantone’s physical color guides. This certification is designed for users and professionals who require a color output device with accurate color reproduction.

[3] Pantone SkinTone Validated is an extension of the Pantone Validated and certifies that an electronic display or printing device can accurately represent the palette of skin tones validated by Pantone, the world’s leading color authority.

[4] This feature is not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of any disease or medical problem. Any information found, acquired, or accessed through this feature is made available for your convenience and should not be treated as medical advice.


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