Armenia’s first indigenous satellite to be launched into orbit on SpaceX Falcon 9

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Armenia’s first indigenous satellite to be launched into orbit on SpaceX Falcon 9

YEREVAN, SEPTEMBER 7, ARMENPRESS. The first Armenian indigenous CubeSat satellite will be sent into orbit in November.

The CubeSat, named Hayasat-1, is being developed by Bazoomq, a non-profit space research lab based in Yerevan, Armenia.

Bazoomq Space Research Lab’s mission is to establish and continuously develop capabilities and skills for cutting-edge space research, education and startups in and for Armenia.

Bazoomq Co-founder, board member & CTO Hayk Martirosyan told ARMENPRESS tech correspondent Karine Terteryan that Hayasat-1’s testing will be completed in September and the satellite will be launched into space on board the Space X Falcon 9 in late November.

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Hayasat-1 is being developed jointly with the CSIE - Center for Scientific Innovation and Education. The satellite has educational purposes. “After the launch we will gain huge knowledge, experience that we can use in the future in sending more sophisticated satellites into space,” Martirosyan said.

Hayasat-1, weighing around a kilo, will orbit Earth every 90 minutes.

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“Our objective is to pass through all the processes, the assembly, the testing, paperwork and cooperation with the agencies. In terms of application, the satellite won’t give us much, it doesn’t have optical or communication systems. We consider it to be an educational tool. In six months we’ll be able to say that the device made in Armenia passed testing in space and meets international standards. Then we can make any change we like with the satellite, and upgrade it to solve many tasks,” Martirosyan added.

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