AI Conf Armenia 2023: Experts weigh in on risks and opportunities of AI

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AI Conf Armenia 2023: Experts weigh in on risks and opportunities of AI

YEREVAN, JUNE 23, ARMENPRESS. AI Conf Armenia 2023 has brought together leading experts to discuss the AI revolution and the wave of new opportunities that it’s bringing along.

Speaking at the event, Yerevan State University Rector Hovhannes Hovhannisyan said that artificial intelligence has already transformed the world and continues to shape the course of human progress.

“AI has huge potential. It can increase production output, transform manufacturing and improve people’s lives all around the world. AI can help in early diagnosis of disease, it can provide teachers with individualized teaching skills and support in meeting the individual needs of each student. These are just a few examples of the numerous directions that AI can positively impact our society,” Hovhannisyan said.

The YSU Rector also warned about the challenges and ethical considerations regarding AI.

“From this perspective, as an educational institution, it is our duty to analyze the risks and provide the knowledge enabling our students to find their place in this transforming world.”

Krisp and 10Web co-founder and Managing Partner and BigStory VC Artavazd Minasyan said that,theoretically, everything in the virtual world is subject to AI automation.

“Certainly, by taking away jobs, AI will also create new opportunities. It’s important to be flexible. Career-wise it’s important to pay attention what sectors you are looking into. You should choose a direction which is less subject to automation. It’s important to enter a sphere which has the latest skills of human activities, a sector where the largest economic growth is recorded,” he added.


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