Azeri blooper risks sabotaging Israeli military technology to Iran

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Azeri blooper risks sabotaging Israeli military technology to Iran

YEREVAN, OCTOBER 13, ARMENPRESS. Residents of a village in northwestern Iran woke up to an unusual scene on October 13 in the local agricultural field: a crashed military drone.

The UAV crashed in a village in Parsabad County, Ardebil province, along Iran’s northern border, deputy governor Behrouz Nedayi told state news agency IRNA, reporting no damages in the village.

As images from the crash site began surfacing online – moreover with the UAV being mostly intact – experts began asserting that the drone is actually an Israeli-made Harop loitering munition – the infamous brainchild of the Israeli Aerospace Industries, with Azerbaijan being its most devoted fan who likes deploying them indiscriminately against Artsakh and Armenia in the massive ongoing attacks with the involvement of jihadist militants from different terrorist organizations.

Armenian military experts, including analysts from the specialized military-analytical platform who took a closer look at the photos have confirmed this.

Seems like the Azeri operator of the Harop kamikaze drone has accidentally single handedly gifted the modern military technology of Israel to none other than Iran, moreover on a plate – with as little damage as possible.

In turn, Iran is considered to be a regional leader in manufacturing unmanned aerial vehicles, and the Iranians will surely recover the Harop and take a closer look on its technical characteristics which could potentially be used in their own developments.

Although Iran has numerously warned the conflicting parties in Nagorno Karabakh to keep away from its borders, the Azeri ongoing violations of the humanitarian truce show no sign of cessation yet. Anyhow, it is highly unlikely that Israel will be happy over its strategic partner’s embarrassing error.

Writing by Emma Begijanyan; Editing and Translating by Stepan Kocharyan


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