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Pashinyan presents idea of Pan-Armenianism at Los Angeles rally

Pashinyan presents idea of Pan-Armenianism at Los Angeles rally

YEREVAN, SEPTEMBER 23, ARMENPRESS. Speaking at a rally in downtown Los Angeles, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan presented the idea of Pan-Armenianism.

“At the August 5 rally in Stepanakert I spoke about the idea of Pan-Armenianism. I am sure that many of you, if not all, followed this event, and I don’t want to repeat everything that I’ve said there. I would like to add what the idea of Pan-Armenianism means. This means that all Armenians around the world – without being cut off from their daily lives, activities – must record and must display will to act for the benefit of Armenia and Artsakh. I would like to emphasize that I am addressing this message to the entire Diaspora – in America, in Europe and in Asia. What does this mean practically. This doesn’t whatsoever mean to act against the country of their residence and in favor of Armenia. What I am saying must be manifested in our compatriots living in these countries to make efforts for strengthening the friendly ties between these countries and Armenia and promotion of the new perception of Armenia. Indeed, just like we’ve shaped the new image of Armenia together, we must continue the promotion of New Armenia. And I hope that each of you, every Armenian around the world will become……..many of you even today have always been so during their lives and activities, but I hope that the 10 million Armenians of the world will become, allow me to say so – the promoter of Armenia, because Armenia is the country of all of us and Armenia is the fatherland of all of us,” Pashinyan said.

He expressed hope that after the developments which took place in Armenia interest towards Armenia will grow among the Armenian youth. “I have already been told that this is already taking place, that hundreds, thousands of Armenians, Armenian young people in America, everywhere, who had even started not talking in Armenian, began after the revolution to be more interested in their country, their identity and history, and we – by wanting to draw the attention of the youth on this new situation, have thought of this kind of a motto for them, by saying – dear countrymen, being Armenian is interesting, and together we must make being Armenian more and more interesting, because being Armenian is truly interesting, because the Armenian people not only have a great past and great present, but also a great future and today we are shaping this future together,” the PM said.

Edited and translated by Stepan Kocharyan




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