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Hovhannes Tumanyan’s “Barekendan” translated into Hindi, numerous works await publication

YEREVAN, JUNE 26, ARMENPRESS. The translation of Hovhannes Tumanyan’s “Barekendan” into Hindi is yet another occasion to bring the two nations closer.

The initiator of the idea, as well as the translator, is Santosh Kumari Arora – an Indian Ambassador for Peace, lecturer at the Faculty of Oriental Studies of Yerevan State University.

Mrs. Arora talked to ARMENPRESS on this occasion.

ARMENPRESS: Mrs. Arora, how did you decide to realize this initiative?

Santosh Kumari Arora: My goal is to serve for the two peoples, and see them joyous. I am trying to maximally assist these two nations in bringing them closer to each other. This was one of these steps, I also sometimes hold master classes in Indian cuisine. I do everything what depends on me. If I’ll be able to bring a smile to at least one person, I’ll be happy.

ARMENPRESS: Why Tumanyan?

Santosh Kumari Arora: I think Tumanyan’s tales have features which shape positive human values. I want these values to be known to everybody. Hovhannes Tumanyan was very religious. I have also translated Tumanyan’s “Akhtamar”, “The master and the slave”, and “Sutlik Vorskan”, which haven’t yet been published. Tumanyan’s works should be translated not only in Hindi, but also other languages.

ARMENPRESS: Is there a goal to send the books to India?

Santosh Kumari Arora: Definitely, I will personally go to India, visit schools, talk to teachers and directors. They don’t need much explanation. If they read it once, they will understand that Indian schools really need this. In India, they also want to translate their literature into Armenian. The financial issues are the only thing which hinders it.

ARMENPRESS: What will this translation give to the Indian children?

Santosh Kumari Arora: It will shape a good person. People should read Tumanyan from an early age. I tell my grandchildren many of his tales as well.

ARMENPRESS: Where there any linguistic difficulties while translating it?

Santosh Kumari Arora: I didn’t have any difficulties while translating because I live within this people, I know the Armenian people very well, I am familiar with their mentality and way of thinking, it’s not only the language that I know, but also what the author meant by writing a given word. In addition, the two languages are very similar. There are many words having the same roots in these languages.

ARMENPRESS: Is there a writer in India’s literature who you compare with Tumanyan and his writing style?

Santosh Kumari Arora: We have many unique writers in India, for example Premchand, Rabindranáth Tagore. Premchand’s tales are especially close to Tumanyan’s, however I havent noticed Tumanyan’s direct link to God in any other writer.

ARMENPRESS: Are you planning to translate other works from Armenian literature?

Santosh Kumari Arora: I am planning to tranlsate the Sasna Tsrer (Daredevils of Sassoun) epic soon, I am working on creating a Armenian-Indian dictionary and I want to finish it very soon. I will also try to create a phraseology dictionary and a conversation guide, however I dont have financial support yet. I am also thinking about sending some translated work to India and publish it there.

ARMENPRESS: Do the books get sold in Armenia?

Santosh Kumari Arora: The books arent being sold, I donate them to my good students as an encouragement. There are no Hindi readers here. Hindi is currently only taught in the faculty of Oriental studies, but only twice a week during a semester. And this period is very short for becoming a translator. There is no other Hindi lecturer in the University besides me.

ARMENPRESS: Mrs. Arora, how many years have passed since who settled in Armenia for permanent residency?

Santosh Kumari Arora: I am living in Armenia since 1987. I go to India every once in a while, however I wasn’t able to go in the last 4 years.

ARMENPRESS: Did you adapt to Armenia easily?

Santosh Kumari Arora: I didn’t have a problem of adaptation, since all nations are one family for me. All peoples are the same, people themselves have decided the religions and nationalities.

ARMENPRESS: Did you have any job offers from other locations?

Santosh Kumari Arora: I’ve been invited from many places, but I can’t stay anywhere more than a week, then I run back to Armenia. I have a family here, my friends. The Armenian spirit exists only here.

Interview by Anna Grigoryan





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