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Number of students in Tehran’s Armenian schools decrease

YEREVAN, MARCH 31, ARMENPRESS. The Iranian government has created necessary conditions for the efficient work of the Armenian community. The Head of Public Relations of the Armenian Diocese of Tehran Gaspar Amirkhanyan informed in an interview with “Armenpress".

"The Iranian government supports the Armenian community to have a free life, without any obstacles. The Community has clubs, schools, churches, we celebrate our national holidays. Even during Islamic mourning months, which coincided with the Armenian New Year, the government allowed us to organize festivities in our halls. In other words, there is no prohibition. In this regard, we are pleased with the Iranian authorities, “Gaspar Amirkhanyan said.

According to him, of course, there are some problems, but overall they are Iranian problems, not related to the Armenian community. In particular, there are social problems, such as migration.

"The community is shrinking because of migration. The reasons are different, maybe social; perhaps the youth does not see a perspective. But again, I have to note that these are general country-specific problems, “Gaspar Amirkhanyan said.

Migration has its effect on the activity of educational institutions. Gaspar Amirkhanyan said that there are 12 Armenian schools currently operating in Tehran, with an enrollment of 3 thousand 500 students.

"Since 1950s, schools were built in all areas of the city. In 1970s, there were 36 Armenian schools, with 14 thousand students enrolled. Recently, we noticed that the number of students is decreasing, previously there was a school with 1200 students, and now the number of students is 200. The main issue of the decrease is migration. Schools must be attached. That, of course, is frustrating, but in honor of the Armenian community, every effort is being made for Armenian schools to have modern methods, and the community to unite, "Gaspar Amikhanyan added.

The Armenian schools of Tehran are not lacking qualified teachers or books. Gaspar Amirkhanyan said that in this respect they have gained experience over the years. The main task is to ensure that science and education are an attracting force for the youth.

Gaspar Amirkhanyan also highlighted the activation of cooperation between Armenia and the Diaspora. According to him, it is necessary to involve the representatives of the Diaspora in Armenia's government at different levels.


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