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Intent.ai – Armenian entrepreneurs launch alternative to Google in AdTech, enabling telecoms to monetize data

Intent.ai – Armenian entrepreneurs launch alternative to Google in AdTech, enabling 
telecoms to monetize data

YEREVAN, JUNE 30, ARMENPRESS. A digital advertising tool launched by Armenian entrepreneurs is offering a flexible platform with highest data accuracy for advertisers to reach out to their target audience.

Intent.ai, launched by entrepreneurs Alexander Yesayan and Alexander Smbatyan, will improve performance of ads while also reducing costs. The entrepreneurs’ brainchild seeks to transform the telecom activities and offer advertisers an alternative to Google.

The technology used in the platform allows you to accurately determine the intention of users and offer the relevant ads.

Yesayan and Smbatyan came up with the idea of launching intent.ai when they were studying at Stanford University in 2017.

“Google, Facebook, WhatsApp are making a lot of money through the advertising market. Ads make up 95% of their income. But telecom companies, despite having a huge amount of information, are having difficulties in monetizing it. So we came up with the idea of launching a company that would bring together telecoms around the world and become Google’s competitor,” Yesayan said.

Intent.ai offers 87% target accuracy, the highest indicator compared other advertising platforms.

Intent.ai’s easy-to-use platform offers tools to target specific App users, segmentation flexibility, advanced reporting, management of ads’ placement, assistance in campaign management and much more.

“Google has a lot of accurate data, it knows the preferences of its users based on searches. Right now Google has access to data of millions of users. But telecom operators have even more data, due to internet accesses. Three operators of any given country have more data than Google,” Yesayan said.

The Armenian entrepreneurs' company has brought together AdTech and telecom. As a result, they are able to group users according to preferences and other segmentation criteria based on the websites and apps they access.

The data used by intent.ai are from a reliable source and privacy and personal data is strongly protected.

Intent.ai uses first-party data unlike other AdTech platforms who use third-party, providing higher accuracy. Moreover, the third-party data – bought or collected otherwise – will soon be inaccessible because cookies will be banned. But intent.ai’s technology doesn’t depend on cookies.

“The platform has become available in Nigeria and Tunis. Nigeria is the first among the major Airtel Group operator, and soon the access will be available in other countries where this operator is working. The platform is available in Tunis as part of cooperation with Ooredoo Group. Other Ooredoo countries such as Kuwait, Qatar, Algeria, Oman and Indonesia will follow,” Yesayan said.

Users’ data is protected in line with General Data Protection Regulation GDPR requirements.

“We can find out the preferences of the user of a given phone, but we can never find out their name or even the phone number, because we don’t take this data from the telecom,” he added.

“We are transforming the operations of telecoms, enabling them to access the advertising market, while offering advertisers an alternative to Google, with the possibility of high-quality targeting,” the entrepreneur said, noting that they plan to expand to other countries.


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