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STARMUS VI: Nobel laureate Kurt Wüthrich advises young scientists to work hard on big problems 

STARMUS VI: Nobel laureate Kurt Wüthrich advises young scientists to work hard on big 

YEREVAN, SEPTEMBER 7, ARMENPRESS. Within the framework of STARMUS VI International Festival, which is being held in Yerevan, the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia hosted today Nobel laureate, Swiss chemist/biophysicist Kurt Wüthrich, the NAS said.

Addressing the meeting participants, Kurt Wüthrich presented his experience of achieving success. “If you want to be noticeable, if you want to lead something in the field of science, you should listen to advice and work very hard on big problems. It’s very important for the students to get their education in good universities, for the young scientists to be promoted and lead science, meet with the scientists who are able to work on big problems and teach their students that.

I was an athlete, science was an evening activity for me, and I never thought that I would ever receive a Nobel Prize. In science you work and suddenly discover something. The recognition could last for 20 years or more. Later they could decide whether it deserves a Nobel Prize or not. Young scientists should understand that success doesn’t happen all at once, it is a very hard work. You can’t be sure that the Nobel Committee will believe you. Years are needed for your research to be approved. You need to work hard, although your family is not so happy with that. When I was receiving a Nobel Prize, my wife was with me, and it was the compensation of the hard life that she saw because I was always at a workplace”, he said.

Kurt Wüthrich also highlighted the importance of fundamental science research for getting any applied outcome. He said that the works on creating the COVID-19 vaccine were based on fundamental research which lasted for several decades. 


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