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Golden age for science: STARMUS VI speakers present their reasons of participating in Festival 

Golden age for science: STARMUS VI speakers present their reasons of participating in Festival 

YEREVAN, SEPTEMBER 5, ARMENPRESS. According to STARMUS VI Festival speakers, this event is a good opportunity to communicate with each other and assess the works of one another. 

Editor-in-chief of Astronomy magazine David Eicher says it’s a great pleasure for him to attend the Festival, because according to him STARMUS is really an unprecedented event.

“Co-founders of the Festival Garik Israelian and Brian May wanted that we celebrate this combination of brain work, in other words, the union of analytical thinking and art, in Armenia. This is an exclusive scientific event, it can be said a golden age after landing on the Moon. We hope that you will enjoy and feel the same emotion by hosting here Nobel laureates, astronauts, cosmonauts, will listen to their lectures and numerous other events that will be held these days”, David Eicher said. 

Swiss astrophysicist, Nobel laureate Michel Mayor, who discovered the first extrasolar planet, named 51 Pegasi b, orbiting the sunlike star 51 Pegasi, stated that there was a time when humanity even didn’t know how the Sun was created and how the planets were formed.

“And only after the revolutionary discovery of Einstein, it was possible to have a complete picture of it. I want to say that we have an exclusive opportunity to talk to the people and explain them how the Universe and bodies are interconnected. And it’s welcome that today the technical developments enable us to give a full answer to almost all the phenomena existing in the Universe. I am happy that we have an opportunity to share our experience with the public, as well as to listen to the works of other scientists”, he said.

French Professor, researcher in microbiology, genetics and biochemistry Emmanuelle Charpentier said it’s a great pleasure for her to be in Armenia as she has Armenian roots. 

“It can be said that in this crossroads of culture and science, the idea and goal of the Festival was very important for me. And as it is already mentioned, this combination of science and art is very pleasant. And one of the reasons why I am attaching importance to this Festival and love it is that we, in general, celebrate the events relating to science very little, and combining it with music here is very interesting also for science”, she said, calling the Festival a very good opportunity to value the work of each other.

Professor of Climate Science at University College London Chris Rapley called STARMUS an exclusive scientific event.

“Science and art are so interconnected in our minds that through them we separate the world and perceive all of its value system layers. And of course, for climate scientists it’s highly important that we understand the importance of our scientific innovations and work in our world and for the planet”, he said.

One of the most positive parts of being an astronaut, according to ex-NASA astronaut, American engineer Garrett Reisman, is that “you always deal with the people who are the best ones in that area”.

“STARMUS Festival is about the fact that not only successful people could be involved here, but also ordinary people who are not engaged in science and who are also present today. And coming to here is really a gift for me”, he stated.


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