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Five Families Now Resettled Through The Armenian Resettlement Coalition (ARC)

Five Families Now Resettled Through The Armenian Resettlement Coalition (ARC)

TAVUSH, ARMENIA—June 28, 2021

Family, friends, and fellow villagers joined the Armenian Resettlement Coalition (ARC) partner organizations as they cut the ribbon on the fourth and fifth family’s new homes in Nerkin Karmir Aghbyur. Local officials from both the village and the Berd Consolidated Community welcomed the Avetisyan and Ayvazyan families. “We are so happy to have this inflow of new students and young people into our community,” said Nara Papyan, Principal of the school in Nerkin Karmir Aghbyur.  “Our students and teachers are very excited to welcome these new students into our school and allow them to benefit from the wonderful resources available at our school.”

In the next month, two additional families will be resettled into the village and integrated into the village’s community and economic life through the resettlement efforts of ARC. Following this, ARC will begin resettling families into the Geghargunik Region village of Mets Masrik. By addressing the critical issue of resettlement in a complete and comprehensive manner, ARC’s beneficiary families will have the greatest chance for success in their new communities.  The budget for one family resettlement is $37,500, and ARC partners have committed a total of $300,000 to resettle the first eight families. 

Focus on Children Now (FCN), Sahman NGO, Teach For Armenia and The Paros Foundation formed the Armenian Resettlement Coalition (ARC) to address the thousands of Armenian families displaced from the Artsakh war that wish to remain in Armenia permanently.  Each of ARC’s partner organizations addresses and supports an essential  aspect of this complete restart for these families in Armenia. 

ARC Partner Organization Responsibilities

The Paros Foundation is financially responsible for purchasing homes, home renovations, and staff to identify and screen families for resettlement. Sahman NGO will finance, design and implement a significant economic support effort to enable each family to generate enough income to care for their family successfully.  Focus on Children Now (FCN) will completely furnish the family home, including major appliances, and supplement each family’s children with three-month nutrition. In addition, FCN will underwrite the tuition of any kindergarten-aged children to attend school and secure the benefit of early education. Teach For Armenia will provide each school-aged child a computer tablet and internet connection. In addition, Teach For Armenia’s Emergency Education Program will work directly with school leadership to provide additional educational and psychological support for these children as part of their community transition and integration. Coalition partners will offer final approvals for each aspect of the package for each family.

To donate to ARC and its effort to resettle displaced Armenian families from Artsakh, visit:



For more information, please contact any of the coalition partners or email [email protected]


Focus on Children Now (FCN): http://www.focusonchildrennow.org

Sahman NGO: http://www.sahman.am

Teach For Armenia (TFA): https://www.teachforarmenia.org

The Paros Foundation (PAROS): https://parosfoundation.org


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