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Spanish Aladina Foundation provides donation to City of Smile to help children suffering cancer

Spanish Aladina Foundation provides donation to City of Smile to help children suffering cancer

YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 2, ARMENPRESS. Donations to Armenia’s City of Smile Foundation aimed at assisting children and young people up to the age 25 suffering cancer and blood diseases have sharply declined due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent war. However, at the end of the year the Spanish Aladina Foundation has provided help to the City of Smile, in particular covering the treatment costs of beneficiary children for about two months, Director of the City of Smile Foundation Ester Demirchyan told Armenpress.

“The coronavirus pandemic led to huge decline in donations. It was followed by the war which further deepened the crisis situation. We hadn’t ever had such a low figure of donations since the opening of the Foundation which we had during the wartime – in October, November and December. Of course, there were objective reasons for this situation, as we all were focused only on one direction – to try to help, to do the utmost to win the war, to help our soldiers and the displaced people”, she said.

She considered normal the fact that when an issue of national identity arises, the foundations are left on the second plan. But she noted that children suffering cancer cannot wait long as each day, each delay of drugs and examinations leads to heavy consequences. Demirchyan, however, stated that no one was rejected by the Foundation during that days.

After the war the flow of donations has relatively activated. “We have received a number of small grants by different organizations. However, the only one organization which was the most inspiring for us that days was the Aladina Foundation which provided a donation of 160,000 USD”, she said, adding that this is the biggest donation received by one organization.

Aladina is operating mainly in Spain, is working with 15 different hospitals of Spain. This is their second experience of international transfer, the first one was provided to Lebanon’s child cancer center.

“It’s very honoring that we managed to attract its attention. This cooperation was the best New Year gift for us as it gave us strength and energy to continue the mission of the Foundation”, she said.  

Demirchyan calls this cooperation as a very good beginning of the year, stating that they need to attract more organizations. The Foundation’s monthly costs for children, young people comprise nearly 70-80 thousand dollars. The Aladina Foundation provided money for two months. Mrs. Demirchyan said the whole staff of the City of Smile Foundation expresses its deepest gratitude to the Aladina Foundation and directorate.

The Aladina Foundation is operating in Spain for about 15 years assisting children suffering with cancer. The Foundation is organizing various events, renovating rooms, providing psychological support, etc. Demirchyan hopes that the cooperation with this Foundation will continue.

She reminded that the treatment of children suffering cancer is quite expensive, adding that many people should unite around this issue. She called on the public to regularly make donations for this purpose. Ester Demirchyan said the website of their Foundation allows to choose the option of making monthly donations and become the supporter of it.

“I understand that currently many people are facing many difficulties, however, I believe that each of us can provide some help at least once a month to these children who really need it”, she said, calling on both individuals and various organizations not to forget about these children and provid their help.

The annual expenditure of the City of Smile Foundation comprises nearly 1 million USD: its beneficiaries are children, young people from Armenia, Artsakh and Javakhk. So far, the Foundation has provided help to nearly 370 children and young people. In 2020 the Foundation had 95 new beneficiaries. Demirchyan stated that nearly 70% of children suffering cancer in Armenia are completely recovering.

Interview by Anna Grigoryan

Editing and Translating by Aneta Harutyunyan



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