Armenian President participants in Horasis annual global meeting in Portugal

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Armenian President participants in Horasis annual global meeting in Portugal

YEREVAN, APRIL 8, ARMENPRESS. President of Armenia Armen Sarkissian, who is in Portugal on a working visit, participated in the annual global meeting of Horasis analytical center, the President’s Office told Armenpress.

President Sarkissian delivered remarks as a speaker during the discussion titled “Shaping our future”.

The discussion participants talked about the challenges of the contemporary world and their solution ways. The Armenian President said each country has different approaches to the solutions of emerging problems. “In Armenia’s case the formula is very simple. Small is beautiful. And that small can be very successful given the fact what is happening in the world today”.

Armen Sarkissian touched upon the 4th industrial revolution, stating that we deal with a long-lasting process of constant revolution and evolution development. “The huge number of scientific innovations and technological achievements, in combination with the great number of people involved in startups and other innovative processes, speak about the fact that these processes are going to be very dynamic and dramatic. We will soon witness how the management volumes of quantum modelling, new technologies and great information will grow, and of course the artificial intelligence will be in the pillar of all of these, which, I think, will be applied everywhere”, the Armenian President said.

The President is confident there is no need to be afraid of the artificial intelligence. “This is the same story when 30-40 years ago people were afraid of information technologies, thought they would lose their jobs by the appearance of computers. But no, new jobs will be created thanks to artificial intelligence. What is going to change is going to be the quality and type of the people’s activity. We are moving towards a more innovative world”, he said.

Armen Sarkissian added that this revolution is taking place not only in the economy and technologies, but also in our human behavior. “This is exclusively a new world which I call a quantum world”.

One of the key topics of the discussion were the climate change and the damages caused to environment by human activity. “We should not talk about the climate change, but the damage we cause to the nature. The reality is that the world is taking a lot of actions to fight this situation. The green technologies, renewable energy, hydro-energy, wind and solar energy, are the ways to go ahead. However, even in case of the best scenario, it will require from us decades in order to transition from our past, that was absolutely black, as we were burning the coal, to the green future”, the Armenian President said. He added that in order to solve the problems, right technologies, political will and investments, and at the same time collective responsibility are needed. “We need to seriously look at the reality we have, we need to make huge efforts around the world in order to have a green future”, he noted.

Summing up his remarks the Armenian President highlighted the role and significance of technological achievements in people’s lives. He expressed confidence that they will dramatically change our social and political behavior. “Large number of people will have an influence in politics just by using their online devices, posting on Twitter and Facebook. This is the new way of dealing with politics. We are facing an absolutely new world where the voices of individuals will be heard very loudly and they will have a serious influence on the decision-making”, President Armen Sarkissian said.

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