Levon Hayrapetyan: Attitude of Armenian families give me strength to be proud every day, to love, miss and live

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Levon Hayrapetyan: Attitude of Armenian families give me strength to be proud every day, to love, miss and live

YEREVAN, MARCH 25, ARMENPRESS/Artsakhpress. Reporter of “Artsakhpress” met the Armenian philanthropist Levon Hayrapetyan in one of the Moscow hospitals where he receives intensive treatment. Despite serious problems with health, Mr. Hayrapetyan kept his promise to give an interview to "Artsakhpress".

-Mr. Hayrapetyan, our first question is about your health condition. How are you?

- Health…leaves much to be desired. But the Armenian honor gives me strength to fight. Now I am receiving intensive treatment, I hope everything will be good.

- Let's talk about Karabakh. Do you maintain relations with Karabakh, with your birthplace Vank?

- I maintain relations with Karabakh every day. I feel happiness for every new born child, and feel sad for every lost life on border.

All the projects that I have begun in Vank village are still in process. Earlier constructed wood processing factory is working now. And the stone factory has been opened recently. With implemented and ongoing projects, 209 workplaces have been created for Vank and the neighboring villages. I have appointed people who are responsible for management of my economy and realization of the programs in Vank village. They also inform me about the news of my birthplace. I have also created an appropriate source for financing these projects.

-We know, there are many programs in Artsakh in process of implementation. Are there any new projects, ideas that you are going to realize?

- There are a lot of projects. In particular, I am trying to build a hippodrome in Vank. For this purpose, from the Netherlands and England we have brought nearly 50 horses of Artsakh breed. The project of the creation of hunting economy is also in process, which aims to promote the development of tourism. Paying respective state fees, tourists will have an opportunity to poach in forests where hunting is prohibited, and various wild animals have bred.

Prosperity and strengthening of Artsakh is our task, and I'm sure that day will come soon.

– You have carried out numerous projects in Artsakh, deserving love and gratitude of the Artsakh people. What do you consider your main contribution and achievement in Artsakh? What did you give and receive from your homeland?

I would say that everything that I have done for my homeland is important for me, as it was also an infectious example for many people. During the Karabakh war, I have undertaken restoration of the Gandzasar monastery .People often said that I was engaged in useless work, since a few kilometers far from there a war was being gone on. But my goal was to inspire people, , because who starts construction works during war, believes in victory.

I always support my homeland with great pleasure. It was more blood call than internal demand. Patriotism is in my blood. I always felt a great sense of responsibility for holding the Armenian honor in respect, which was a landmark for me. I tried to ease my compatriots’ concerns and solve their problems, whether at home or in Diaspora .

- Excuse us, but we could not avoid the most painful theme for you and all of us - lawsuit initiated against you. What should we expect?

I do not want to talk much about it, as we discussed it for many times. Currently, the trial is regularly postponed because of my health condition. I cannot control my emotions when a lot of Armenian families, who do not even know me personally, follow the lawsuit, are interested in my health, sincerely sympathize with me. It gives me strength to be proud every day, to love, miss and live.

I just want to mention that I really want justice to triumph ... I hope it will be so, and I will return to Artsakh, where I have many projects to implement.

This year Artsakh will celebrate the 25th anniversary of declaration of independence. All these years you have supported Artsakh. We would like to hear your congratulations.

I wish to congratulate all Armenians, especially the Artsakh people on the 25th anniversary of Independence. You know, the Armenian people had dreamed of independence for a long time, and during the Artsakh liberation war we have unprecedented success in our history. A country with a population of 125 thousand defeated a country with a population of 7 million. Of course, all the Armenians were unanimously fighting, but the major blow directly was on the people living in Artsakh, who is very talented and has earned the right to build a prosperous and dignified future in the homeland of his ancestors.

Interview by Vahram Poghosyan


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