The rebels killed a priest near Damascus

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The rebels killed a priest near Damascus

YEREVAN, OCTOBER 25, ARMENPRESS. The terrorists have assassinated Pastor of Mar Elias Church of Greek Orthodox Church Fadi Haddad in Qatana town in Damascus after days of abduction. As reports "Armenpress", citing Syrian SANA agency, the rebels kidnapped him in New Artouz village on October 18. Greek Orthodox Patriarchy of Damascus announced that the body of Father Fadi Haddad was found near Drousha area on Damascus-Quneitra highway, sustaining a gunshot wound to the head. Another source is telling that before killing him the rebels held him to a huge ransom.

Syrian armed forces opened fire on the rebels, that were trying to enter the Syrian region of Telkallakh through the Lebanese border. The Armed Forces discovered a large amount of explosives and weaponry in the region of Homs hidden inside the big tyres.

Facebook profiles of the Armenians from Aleppo say that a huge explosion took place in Jdide district of Syria near the French-Syrian hospital. There are many victims and injured people, but there is no information about them. There have been clashes in Arakub, Kustul Harami, New Village, Bab al Hadid regions. Also there is information that the Free army left districts of Ashrafie and Jalaa.

The Spokesman of the Armenian National Primacy Jirair Reisyan said that explosions and shooting can easily be heard in the Armenian districts of Aleppo from the early morning of October 25. The Christian districts of Aleppo have been under attack in the evening of October 24.


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