We strive to normalize citizens' lives quickly - governor of Lori

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We strive to normalize citizens' lives quickly - governor of Lori

ALAVERDI, MAY 30, ARMENPRESS. During the press conference held in the Alaverdi community hall, Governor of Lori Aram Ghazaryan referred to the works to eliminate the consequences of the flood, a natural disaster that happened a few days ago, Ghazaryan noted that the works are proceeding with great momentum and scope.

"The center of attention is the restoration of the interstate road, as well as the reconstruction of the Akhtala bridge and the pedestrian section. One section is now usable, the other will be built for pedestrians with reinforced concrete metal structures, so that the connection between Akhtala, Shamlugh, Big and Small Ayrum, Karkop, Chochkan, Bendik will be restored as soon as possible. And what about Alaverdi, the cleaning works of Tumanyan street, Sanahini station are continuing, the yards of apartment buildings are being cleaned from sludge and mud piles. We strive to bring the lives of our citizens back to normal as much as possible, taking into account the consequences of the disaster," said the governor of Lori.

According to Ghazaryan, a pedestrian suspension bridge is being built in Sanahin district in order to establish contact with the settlements from which evacuation was carried out with the help of rescuers, and for the people who remained there, food and basic necessities are regularly delivered by ropes.Cleaning works are also underway in Karkop community. An agreement was reached with the partners of the South Caucasian Railway to bring the appropriate equipment to Karkop, so that the cleaning works could be carried out more intensively. Electricity and gas supply has been restored in many settlements.

"Since the first day after the disaster, the works are being carried out with the support of a number of administrations and structures involved in the government. On a daily basis, direct organizational and consulting support is provided from Yerevan. We are also carrying out the process of inventorying and determining the amount of damage through the commission established by the governor's office.

A number of organizations are involved in the road construction works, led by head of the road department, in order to ensure safe traffic from Bagratashen to Vanadzor in the areas damaged by the disaster a day ago," said the governor.

He thanked the volunteers and Non-governmental organizations for directly supporting the recovery efforts. Referring to the sanitary situation in the damaged parts of Alaverdi city, Ghazaryan emphasized that the situation is under the control and there is no danger of epidemics and infections spreading.

"In connection with this issue, I should mention that according to the presentation of the specialists during the consultation of the operative headquarters, we do not have a disturbing situation at the moment, however, taking into account the professional advice that in particular intestinal infections can appear seven days after the disaster, preventive measures are necessarily implemented in this direction," Ghazaryan said.

The governor called on some people not to post on social networks about the lack of food, clothes or any other items, because the government has provided everything to the municipalities, which are able to deliver all the necessary items to the needy in the shortest time.

Ghazaryan assured that the local forces are sufficient to eliminate the consequences of the disaster. He added that the damage assessment process continues, relevant bodies are conducting inspections. After the report submitted by the inventory commission, it will be possible to present complete information.

On May 26, floods occurred in Lori and Tavush regions as a result of heavy rains and overflowing of Debed, Aghstev, and Tashir rivers. As a result of floods, houses, buildings and structures were flooded, roads were destroyed. We have 4 victims as a result of floods. The government declared a disaster zone in the settlements affected by floods.



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