Armenians celebrate 106th anniversary of first republic

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Armenians celebrate 106th anniversary of first republic

YEREVAN, MAY 28, ARMENPRESS. Armenians around the world celebrate the 106th anniversary of the First Republic and the historic victory in the heroic battle of Sardarapat, the Republic Day.

On May 28, 1918, with the victory in Gharakilisa, Bash Aparan, and Sardarapat, the independence of the Armenian people, which was lost about 9 centuries ago, was restored. 106 years ago on this day, not far from Yerevan, the Armenian people who survived the genocide fought against the enemy to protect the last inch of their homeland, for the sake of the nation's survival.

The battle of Sardarapat was decisive for the Armenian people and fatal for Armenia. The whole nation stood up for the defense of the homeland. Along with the soldiers, whole families were on the battleground: old people, children, women.

By defeating the Turkish army at Sardarapat, the Armenian troops were able to stop the Turkish invasion of South Caucasus and save Armenia from complete destruction. On May 28, 1918, after the collapse of the South Caucasus Democratic Federative Republic, the Republic of Armenia was proclaimed by the "Armenian National Council".

The first prime minister of independent Armenia was HovhannesKajaznuni, the last was Simon Vratsyan. The Republic of Armenia only existed for two years, until 1920, December 2. At that time, the military units of the 11th Red Army entered Yerevan, and the republic was Sovietized.

On the 50th anniversary of the historic heroic battle against the Turkish invaders, which occurred from May 22-28, 1918, the Sardarapat Memorial was inaugurated. It was built on the exact place where the battle of Sardarapat held.



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