ARARAT Special Evening Dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of Charles Aznavour

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ARARAT Special Evening Dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of Charles Aznavour

YEREVAN, 21 MAY, ARMENPRESS. On May 20 ARARAT legendary Armenian brandy, celebrated the centennial of Maestro Charles Aznavour with a special event – ARARAT Charles Aznavour Signature Blend. Maestro’s Centennial. The event took place at the "One & Only" theater within the Seven Visions Hotel.

In its unique form, the event was a heartfelt homage from ARARAT to the legacy of Charles Aznavour, commemorating his contributions as a musician, artist, philanthropist, and diplomat. The event served as a wonderful occasion to reveal Aznavour’s immense heritage and mastery.

Upon entering the theatre, guests were invited to uncover the world of Aznavour filled with his songs, character, and warmth, which he generously shared throughout his creative path.

A highlight of the event was an invitation to an immersive journey into the passionate realm of the Maestro’s world. Each guest, having shared their feelings and impressions, had the chance to create and capture their unique moment with the help of artificial intelligence within a few minutes. A special platform was created by ARARAT to extend the emotional journey of ARARAT and Maestro Charles Aznavour's collaborative project initiated in 2017, giving birth to the ARARAT Charles Aznavour Signature Blend.

The unique blend includes rare vintage spirits, reflecting the significant milestones of Aznavour’s creative life.

  1. Notes of First Triumph

Debut Performance at the Olympia in Paris

  1. 1960. Notes of Global Fame

The launch of "Je m’voyais déjà" song, Rise of International Recognition

  1. Notes of Eternal Passion. Creation of a classic hit "Une vie d’amour"

Comprised of a unique bouquet of notes, ARARAT Charles Aznavour Signature Blend encapsulates the following rare spirits, echoing through decades. Guests of the event had the chance to reveal the brandy on the course of special tasting during the event.

Presented in the main markets of ARARAT worldwide, ARARAT Charles Aznavour Signature Blend – a bright member of ARARAT Ultra-Premium Range - stands out for its elegant packaging, personally confirmed by the Maestro. What makes it even more special is the Maestro’s signature, which in a form crowns the collaboration between two Legends. Commemorating the 100th anniversary, the packaging is now ornamented with a unique addition, marking this symbolic date.

“A Legend, who shaped an entire era, a symbol of Armenia and French chanson, "Artist of the Century" declared by "Times". An artist, and a humanist. Aznavour is beyond time yet remains timeless. He sang for all of us but had a personal conversation with each of us. While talking about himself, he always said that his duty and eternal desire is to share all his sincerity and tenderness. Today we remember Aznavour and pay homage to the eternal love, sincerity, and mastery with which he generously shared. I am infinitely glad that in this significant year, ARARAT Armenian Brandy, together with Aznavour Foundation, is supporting a whole series of events dedicated to the maestro. I am sure that the memory of the legend will always live on. And the joint story with ARARAT will continue to reveal new facets of Legends.” noted Serge Khachatryan, Chief Operating Officer of Yerevan Brandy Company.


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