Armenia as a new technological hub: Yerevan to host WCIT congress again

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Armenia as a new technological hub: Yerevan to host WCIT congress again

YEREVAN, MAY 20, ARMENPRESS. The World Congress on Innovation and Technology (WCIT) is back, to identify Armenia as the region's new technology hub for global players. The WCIT 2024 congress will be held in close cooperation with DigiTech Armenia, the largest annual event dedicated to innovation and technology in the region. The 2024/DigiTec conference, under the theme "THE POWER OF MIND, Artificial Intelligence Beyond Borders, Within Ethics", will serve as a global platform to emphasize the significance of enhancing the impact, investment, and solutions of information and communication technology (ICT) across regions and economies.

Minister of Armenian High-Tech Industry Mkhitar Hayrapetyan, Chairman of the Union of Advanced Technology Enterprises (ATEM) Alexander Yesayan, Chairman of the World Alliance for Innovations, Technologies and Services (WITSA) Sean Seah and Executive Director of WCIT2024//DigiTec Organizing Committee Hayk Karapetyan presented details October 4-7 regarding the 2024 WCIT to be held at the Karen Demirchyan Sports Concert Complex, emphasizing that the event will include speeches by famous speakers, panel discussions, B2B meetings, the WITSA World Cup for startup companies, innovation demonstrations, business presentations, seminars and other events. The event is promised to host the same big names as WCIT 2019.

«October is hailed as a technological month in Armenian tech circles. In 2024, WCIT will be the jewel of the technology month. As you know, the government of Armenia has declared high technologies and information technologies as the most important pillars of economic development and, due to this, we emphasize the holding of such international technological conferences and events in Armenia, because both in terms of content and attracting opportunities, similar international events once again are coming to register Armenia's role on the global technological map," said Mkhitar Hayrapetyan.

He also mentioned that the ministry is crafting a new legislative package. While the finalized strategy may not be ready by October, they will have a clear understanding of all the technological strategic directions Armenia will pursue in the future. He emphasized that the event presents an excellent opportunity to promote the crucial strategic directions outlined and the forthcoming legislative package, which aims to provide new avenues for international foreign investments. Additionally, the event holds significance in terms of attracting international companies.

"WCIT is the best opportunity for dialogue with our international partners. This event is a good opportunity to present what the government of Armenia and the entire public represent to the whole world," concluded Hayrapetyan.

The president of the Union of Advanced Technology Enterprises stressed the importance of active engagement in 2024, drawing from the lessons of 2019.

"One of the cornerstones of the success of 2019 was the coordination of the work of our union members, the government and other companies. We should repeat the same this year. This year, the annual DigiTec event will be held alongside WCIT. All guests will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the products of Armenian companies in parallel with WCIT. WCIT should be used as a marketing tool to introduce ourselves to the world and position ourselves in the world," Yesayan said.

Chairman of the World Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA), Sean Seah, who attended the event, highlighted that in recent years, Armenia has succeeded in establishing itself as one of the technologically developing countries in Central Asia and Eastern Europe.

"The technological ecosystem of Armenia is relatively young but developing rapidly. We are thrilled to announce that we will also be hosting the World Cup for Startups. With 32 teams from over 60 countries, this event will be more significant than ever. It will foster important discussions, showcase innovations, and provide a glimpse into the technological future," said Sean Seah.

WCIT2024//DigiTec Executive Director Hayk Karapetyan highlighted that the conference will feature a comprehensive agenda with a wide geographical reach. Over 2,000 international delegates are expected to visit Armenia during the event. Participants will have a unique opportunity to exchange global innovative and technological best practices, and engage in multi-content meetings on advanced solutions.

It was highlighted that the conference would facilitate several companies in understanding the opportunities and potential for establishing scientific research centers of leading companies in the field. Moreover, it aims to underscore the pivotal role of applied sciences in advancing regional socio-economic development through innovations and ICT solutions. Additionally, it intends to showcase the future and ongoing developments in technologies, particularly in the realm of artificial intelligence.

Armenia is honored to host the WCIT 2024/DigiTec, as it is home to tech unicorn PicsArt and many successful startups, such as Renderforest and Krisp.

The flexible system of tax benefits of the IT sector by Armenian government and many opportunities for international financing attract the world's largest companies in the sector, such as: Synopsis, Siemens, Nvidia, Adobe, etc.

On the agenda of WCIT 2024/DigiTec is the official opening ceremony with unprecedented technological solutions, speeches by international and local industry leaders, presentations and ample opportunities to establish new partnerships.

In 2024, with the main partner DigiTech, the largest technology expo event, the WCIT will provide ample opportunities for the international community to get acquainted with the potential in Armenia and the region, and for local organizations to present their achievements in the field.

This year’s World Congress on Innovation and Technology will have an emphasis on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its societal impact, ethics, and future.

Experts from various fields will convene to discuss ethical innovation, human-machine collaboration, and AI regulations with global implications under the theme of “Ethics, Society, and Governance.”

During the sessions “Green AI” will explore environmentally conscious AI solutions for sustainability, while discussions on “AI in Social Media and Marketing” will address reaching marginalized consumers and enhancing marketing efficiency.

Another themed meeting, "The Feminine Charm of AB," will delve into topics surrounding gender equality and the economic empowerment of women within the digital sphere.

Dozens of panel discussions will address the role of AI in crisis response, digital innovation, as well as the challenges and success stories of AI shaping the future.

A separate platform will be devoted to the management and application of artificial intelligence (AI) in various private and public platforms.

As in 2019, this year, the government will pay the fee for participation in the conference ($750,000). In addition, local companies will be offered significantly lower fees to participate in the forum.

The model of the forum logo is an updated version of one of the old covers of the Armenian "Science and Technology" magazine.


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