Ankara's review of politics towards Armenian Genocide hinges on change in power - Swiss MP

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Ankara's review of politics towards Armenian Genocide hinges on change in power - Swiss MP

YEREVAN, APRIL 24, ARMENPRESS. Stefan Müller-Altermatt, a member of the National Council of Switzerland, in an interview with Armenpress, noted that Turkish politics under the current leadership is highly incapable of achieving anything with regard to Armenian Genocide recognition.

The interview is presented below:

- This year marks the 109th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. How do you assess the process of recognition and condemnation of the Armenian Genocide by the international community?

The process runs far too slowly, not wide enough and far too quietly. It is a disgrace for the civilized world that it does not speak out and condemn the inhumanity of genocide with a united voice. Because only this united voice can lead to guilt being recognized - and to such genocide not being repeated.

- Although many countries and international organizations have recognized and condemned the Armenian Genocide, Turkey continues its denial policy after 109 years. What do you think the international community should do? Do you see the need for other actions besides calls and exhortations?

I consider Turkish politics under the current leadership to be highly incapable of achieving anything with regard to genocide recognition. Even economic pressure in the already catastrophic situation of the Turkish economy is only likely to be counterproductive. Erdogan would only increase nationalism as an instrument for maintaining power. The world should therefore not inform Turkish politics, but Turkish society. There are enough channels for this nowadays. Just as the Allies did in Germany after the Second World War, we must also speak to the people in Turkey. All Germans know that they are a nation of perpetrators. That is painful, but it has brought us in Europe and above all the Germans themselves a great deal of peace and prosperity.

- In your opinion, under what circumstances or under what conditions will Turkey finally face the historical truth recognizing the Armenian Genocide?

Surely only a change of power in Ankara will change things. And, as mentioned, only a broad movement in Turkey that no longer wants to live with denied guilt will lead to the government taking appropriate steps.

- A dialogue between Armenia and Turkey is taking place these days. In your opinion, in what way can this process have an impact on the issue of the Armenian Genocide?

Any normalisation of relations between Turkey and Armenia will also serve to establish the truth about the genocide. If one day there are open borders between the countries again and there is fruitful trade, then people will automatically yearn for real peace. And this can only be achieved on the basis of historical truth. I am relatively certain that this genuine peace will grow from the bottom up - if Ankara allows it.

- When touching on the subject of the Armenian Genocide, the phrase "Never again" has often been uttered by various famous figures, but history shows that it apears that the world has not learned enough lessons, as unpunished crimes tend to repeat themselves. What do you think advanced humanity needs to do to make "Never Again" practically visible?

Never again" is currently in a difficult situation. In fact, despotic regimes are currently able to do whatever they want. Whether it's an invasion of Ukraine or ethnic cleansing in Artsakh, anything seems possible. There will only be a "never again" when the Western community of values, which recognises international and human rights as the highest good, has put an end to these despots and the world has learned that these rights are universal. Unfortunately, this also requires toughness in the form of sanctions and the assurance of unlimited means of defence for the nations attacked by the despots


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