“The Mud” by Vahan Grigoryan showcased in New York and London during the AGBU Arts “Armenians in Film” screenings

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“The Mud” by Vahan Grigoryan showcased in New York and London during the AGBU Arts “Armenians in Film” screenings

YEREVAN, DECEMBER 4, ARMENPRESS. Six new short films by Armenian filmmakers from around the world were showcased during the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) Arts “Armenians in Film” series at Lincoln Center in New York City in November.

As AGBU informs, one of the featured films was “The Mud” by Armenian award-winning director and scriptwriter Vahan Grigoryan. The screening was followed by a panel discussion featuring the filmmakers, moderated by Theodore Bogosian, an award-winning filmmaker and TV producer.

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The filmmakers discussed their films, the inception of their ideas, and the creative bonds AGBU has made through this event.

"The Mud’ is my debut film, and it is a great honor and responsibility for me to have it featured during the New York and London screenings of 'Armenians in Film.' I express my gratitude to AGBU Arts for this invaluable opportunity. Presenting Armenian culture to the New York’s demanding audience through a short film and receiving such positive and emotional feedback fills me, as a creator, with pride and motivates me to continue creating. I also want to emphasize the crucial role of the National Cinema Center of Armenia, which supported me in bringing my idea to life and producing the film. And his journey wouldn't have achieved such success without the invaluable contributions of my team, especially Director of Photography Suren Tadevosyan and Art Director Tigran Arakelyan,” emphasized Vahan Grigoryan.

"The Mud" is a dramedy taking place in a village setting. The story revolves around the main character’s wife, who, after returning home to discover her husband's muddy footprints on the floor and the white goose feathers inside, believes that an angel has entered their house. The narrative takes its development and has an unexpected ending.

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As Vahan Grigoryan tells, at first glance, the film appears to present an Armenian rural story, but similar cases can be found anywhere in the world, whether a village or a city. "Such comedies happen everywhere; it’s a story related to humankind, which became even more evident to me when I saw the reaction of the New York audience to this very Armenian atmospheric movie. The audience reacted emotionally, particularly to the key episodes. The main idea revolves around how a person behaves when caught in a continuous trap of coincidences. They try to provide explanations in various situations, but with each explanation, another coincidence comes up.”

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“I believe that over its eight years of activity, ‘Armenians in Film’ has successfully identified and encouraged new talents. We present this series of screenings in different countries in cooperation with prestigious cultural institutions. Armenian films are screened at distinguished venues, including Film at Lincoln Center, attended not only by Armenians but also by an international audience. This initiative aims to introduce the global audience to our film art, culture, mentality, history, and create new opportunities for cooperation. The films we screen are diverse in genres - from animated films to documentaries, science fiction - and in terms of geography and experience, from beginners to professionals” ,-said Hayk Arsenyan, Director of AGBU Performing Arts Department.

Referring to the screened films, Teodore Poghosyan shared his impressions։ “I've seen numerous films worldwide, particularly those by young and diverse filmmakers. I find that the technical quality and imagination of these content creators, spanning various genres and locations, are on a high level. Looking ahead, thanks to international streaming services and the internet, I anticipate an increase in Armenian producers in the future of filmmaking. In this context the role of AGBU is evident. Lastly, my generation of filmmakers is fortunate to have received support from the community. When I was in California, I got an AGBU scholarship, a crucial support that played a huge role in pursuing my way to become a filmmaker. This direct connection has not only shaped my personal journey but has also allowed me to connect with the next generation of filmmakers.”

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Тhe other five films screened were Sunset by Kristine Khanamiryan, Dehatsi – I was Another Place by Tatiana Boudakian, Crossing the Blue by Victoria Aleksanyan, The Road – A dreamlike jazz piece on isolation and connection by Charlotte Montgomery featuring the Zela Margossian Quintet, and Stones by Arman Ayvazyan.


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